Ultra Street Fighter IV Launch Trailer | Exclusively on PS4

Playstation writes on youtube:
The world warriors return as Ultra Street Fighter IV hits the PS4.
Including five additional characters, new arenas and a host of extra features, Ultra Street Fighter IV combines the white-knuckle action of the legendary franchise with a whole raft of community-guided tweaks to deliver the ultimate fighting experience.

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BladerunnerZX1097d ago

Had this on PS3. I will get the PS4 version too.
It looks very smooth on PS4.

Yi-Long1097d ago

I was planning on picking it up, but the trailer mentions it 'includes all costume -DLC *AT THE TIME OF RELEASE'...

... Which basically means that we can expect more DLC-milking post-launch for this game. Sadly. I was really hoping this would actually be a complete release, but it seems the greed just continues.

_-EDMIX-_1097d ago

...looks like you'll never get to play it then bud. They can always add more later, it doesn't matter how much is in Ultra...they will always add more. Sooo this concept of a "complete release" makes no sense. Ultra is already packed with content that is pretty clearly likely was not coming out day 1 when it was first released.

No SF has actually ever done that, they've always added some characters in a super, alpha, hyper etc version. In this case, ultra. Bud...just play the game and have fun, stop worrying about what they will add as if your missing something to say all the DLC from last gen is in this version and to be upset because they are making more as if your missing something is a bit much.

ie glass is half empty and not half full syndrome. What if they keep theoretically keep adding content for life? Sooo guess your never going to play any game ever then right?

Baka-akaB1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

I usually understand and respect your stance and principles on the matter , even if i dont entirely agree . But i dont get you here ... it's the complete version with everything that you wanted and waited for .

The port isnt even done by capcom , no one is going to invest creating more content besides patching , with already SFV incoming next year

You're reading way to much into that sentence here . But it's your choice and loss

duckmysick1097d ago

Lol there is no more dlc coming out for this game. Their hard at work on V. ..and the amount of dlc this comes with is definitely worth $25, stop it or do your homework

ThichQuangDuck1097d ago

Capcom gets too much shit for all the names which actually makes logical sense and is best way to keep fighting community together while adding new characters. Street Fighter IV does it better than MKX

SatanicEyeJesus1097d ago

I still hope for a physical version of this amazing game!

PS4 always giving the gamers great times!

KryptoniteTail1097d ago

Best version of SF4, finally truly definitive.

Deathdeliverer1096d ago

Day one for me. Day MFn one. (Again)