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VVV: "Overall, Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious is a disjointed experience – welding Fast and Furious with Forza should work in theory, but they feel very disconnected. In reality, the only things both franchises have in common here is the runtime and price of admission – in all honesty, you’re better off spending the money on a cinema ticket to watch the film. But its biggest crime of all is that, aside from the authentic cars, no effort has been made to utilise the film license and encapsulate the essence of Fast and Furious.

It all makes the expansion rather redundant. If you’re interested in the Fast and Furious car content, you’re better off getting the cheaper Fast and Furious car pack DLC to use in the main game. And if you’re on the fence about buying Forza Horizon 2…well, just download the free demo.

Still, it’s a great way to rack up some easy achievement points: I’ll happily snap up 1000G for a couple of hours of gameplay thank you very much."

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Moldiver1306d ago

I think the author misses the point of this DLC. Though he does make a good point. It would have been quiete interesting if they took the storm island approach and created a whole new area for F&F type shenangigans. That said, Its authentically replicated F&F cars in the FH2 setting. It is NOT "fast and furious: the game"

This is a racing game. more specifically a one off. its more like a taster of FH2 with F&F cars and ludacris as the narrator (he does a great job!). Its was also free at launch, and is really a great gateway into FH2, if you havent played that game. This is a taster of the forza horizon experience. Not a game based on the movie. FH2:F&F never lets you forget that with ludacris constantly referencing FH2 in his dialouge. At the start of the game he tells you he heard about you at the horizon the end of this DLC he tell you to get back to your business at the festival...

That just my two cents though.

StartWars1304d ago

Take your comments on board. But I think that is what I was getting at - it was a good tie-in but could have been so much more. And I knew of its intentions to be a taster for FH2 whilst plugging Fast and Furious 7 as mentioned in the review, which was fine when it was free but there's no incentive to buy it.

Moldiver1304d ago

I can agree with that. But remember its only 7 quid or something like that, which aint bad for "FH2 lite". It would been a great idea to keep it free though. it would be the xbox equivalent of the still as yet to be released driveclub PSN version.

Bismarn1306d ago

This reviewer missed the point of his own review. Here is my review for comparison:

"I've never seen nor will ever see the movies. But I made a 1000 gamerscore in one night of playing.*


*P.S. Don't forget to download it on 360 too and get another free 1000 points.

The End."

Bertoni1303d ago

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