Will Splatoon Be Nintendo’s Next Big Wii U Game?

The Tyuno Project: " Later this month, Nintendo will release it most anticipated game for the Wii U, Splatoon. Splatoon is a third-person shooter which involve the player to go head-to-head with each over using squid ink as their weapon. This is a kid friendly game that Nintendo is known to produce and as a fan, I’m excited to play. But recently, I was just think about this game and I realized that Nintendo doesn’t really have shooter-type video games on their hardware. with that being said, I believe that Splatoon has the potential of becoming the next big game for the Nintendo Wii U."

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Mega_Volnutt1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I'm a Nintendo fan, but no, not really. This game lacks too many features including Off-TV screen play, which made the Wii.U unique from his main competitors, by not having to play on a goddamn TV all the time. So I can't play Splatoon while my girlfriend watches tv?!? What a bummer...

wonderfulmonkeyman1124d ago

As much as I agree that no off tv play is a bummer, I also can't really imagine playing the game without that large map filled with tactically important data in my hands, and being able to use it to rocket jump whenever I want is also a huge blessing.
This is one of the games on the system that really pushes for the inclusion of the game pad and TV working in tandem to create a bigger experience, so while I'd be okay with a well implemented use of off tv mode in some form, I'm not drastically bothered by it not being there for once.

ZeekQuattro1124d ago

Its shaping up to do just that. Hater's gonna hate. Its just that simple.