Does the House of Wolves Fix Destiny? Let’s Explore

By sheer measure of the millions of users in the fanbase, Destiny has been a breakout success since its launch in September. As of the first major content update, those who were most heavily invested in Destiny felt like Bungie’s opportunity to repair that which was then broken went missing. In their second major content update, Bungie is back with full community direction in mind, making sweeping changes to currency, items and the end-game of Destiny itself. The only question that remains now, does the attention to the community feedback actually fix Destiny’s fall-backs?

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Stevefantisy1032d ago

So glad they started listening I'm going to have to play this again.

Godz Kastro1032d ago

Its been great thus far. 2 days and i havent played everything. Lots to do.

InTheZoneAC1032d ago

it's too bad I paid for this when I bought the game...I have no desire to ever give this another chance after quitting the game for the 2nd time since it's release...

martinezjesus19931032d ago

Are you one of those, "I quit the game because it has no content, I know, I put 500 hours into it" persons?

Halo2ODST21032d ago

Are you one of those " time = good game" persons?

InTheZoneAC1032d ago

I put lots of time in it and enjoyed it every bit. But I hit the wall hard when I did and it has gotten stale.

Simple things like having expanded inventory/vault space would've been nice earlier in the game, not wait until a few weeks before dlc comes out.

And having the vanguard portion not be affected by the crucible side, is that too much to ask?

And then it's disappointing to finally get most of the stuff you were missing just to have xur sell each of those weapons over consecutive weeks. I just see it as why should I play and grind for hopeful drops when I know the stuff will be sold at some point...

And based on what I already have, how much different can any new weapon really be? I have all the fusions rifles I want with high impact, high range, quick charge. What other fusion can they possibly give me that makes me want to scrap the others?

That same principle applies to other class weapons and they want to make people feel like they're getting something better by tacking on a higher damage rating for new weapons instead of bumping all the old stuff, basically making you repeat your entire playtime for the same, but not the same weapons you already have

See my point?

WizzroSupreme1032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

Destiny's definitely Bungie at its best for fan feedback. A smooth alpha, a smooth beta, and a smoother game launch all made for the smoothest FPS co-op experience ever. Destiny doesn't even need a sequel if this is how good the main game can still be.

Menkyo1032d ago

No HoW doesn't fix Destiny. If anything it just moved the problems around. The got rid of Ascended and Raidant materials and replaced it with Armor cores, weapon cores and Etheic light. Armor and weapon cores can only be gotten from 1 place, Prison of Elders. You have to do the lvl 33 and 34 to get them. Etheic light comes from nightfall, Prison and Trails of Osiris. Problem is it drops less frequently then exotics used to in VoG. I did three nightfalls and the Prison several times over the last few days and got exotics I already have everytime. I've got hundreds of shards and energy of both types

xHeavYx1032d ago

You are the typical person who wants everything the easy way.

Menkyo1032d ago

Your the typical retard who wants to grind his brains out. I have beat beat both raids, I've beat PoE (I'll beat 34 and 35 tonight with my clan), I have iron banner gear, I will have ToO gear. There is a differences between diffcult and just making things extra grindy because your game lacks content, story or depeth.

Nio-Nai1032d ago

Welcome to the world of MMO's.

If you didn't want a game that has the feel of a MMO and being a shooter you shouldn't have bought Destiny.

Gozer1032d ago

You might not realize this but those "hundreds of shards" are worth ALOT of glimmer. Glimmer you are going to need when you decide to re-forge the perks of those shiny new legendarys. I have managed to "forge" some of these new weapons into both PvE & PvP beasts. Load up all of your Ascendant/Radiant/Motes into your inventory and go see the Speaker for material exchanges.

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