10 Things Mad Max: Fury Road Shares With The Upcoming Game


Mad Max: Fury Road released last weekend to rave reviews. George Miller's fourth Mad Max film firmly grabs viewers, straps them to the front of the raging cinematic convoy, and doesn't relent until the two nonstop, high-octane hours pass. Avalanche Studios, the team behind the Just Cause series, is currently developing a Mad Max game due out for Xbox One, PS4, and PC September 1. While those developers with Miller early on about ideas for the game's world, Avalanche says it's absolutely not a game-version of Fury Road. While we agree with that based on what we've seen and played (check out our exclusive cover story from earlier this year), we noticed several interesting key areas where the incredible film overlaps with the upcoming game.

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MrSnrub1156d ago

Best film of the year so far. Hooray for a good summer blockbuster! So much better than the superhero films that are flooding the market

ironfist921156d ago

To me the game looks like its lacking the charm of the film, but hopefully I'm proven wrong on release day.

Gameplay looks tight, but atmosphere and tone could be a bit more mad and ridiculous.

Palitera1156d ago

One has not enough Mad, the other lacks Max.
If anything, the movie proved that even lacking one of the pair, a masterpiece can still be done.

DIPSET1156d ago

right. game seems too quiet, too serious atm

rextraordinaire1156d ago

I'm curious, but I feel like Borderlands and Rage did Mad Max as video game already...

zeddy1156d ago

if it had the same soundtrack that would be great

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