I'm Done Playing Witcher 3 Until CD Projekt RED Fixes It


I'm the victim of a particularly nasty save bug in the Xbox One version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. My first encounter with it resulted in over two hours of progress disappearing into the ether. My second dance with it stole away another hour of questing. My third occurrence came when I had a nice chunk of free time to game this morning. Once I saw it was happening again, I decided to play Puzzles & Dragons / Super Mario Edition instead.

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FSThree1067d ago

Phew. That's rough. Kind of makes me glad I still have to play through 1 and 2 before I get to this. And to do all that, I still have to play through my AC collection. And before that ...

Farmassy1067d ago

People are just making it out to be MUCH worse than it actually is... I've been playing on xbox and haven't really had issues. There is some stuttering but that's about it. It's a great game and I haven't really had any problems that ruin the experience or are even that noticeable. People are going to complain because that's what people do on the internet

mydyingparadiselost1067d ago

As someone who has encountered multiple save deleting bugs (& a ME2 bug that corrupted my HDD), I have to disagree. Just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't fix that there's a problem, and a saving problem is one of the worst things to come across.

This isn't just random internet complaining, this is an $60 game that has progress breaking issues that should be fixed and warned about, not scoffed at.

Brooklynbully1231067d ago

No one talking about how good the game is clown, the game anit saving , reading and comprehension is good for the soul

Magicite1067d ago

Plenty of games, that Ive played on my PS3 had major framerate issues and I would gladly play them on PC if that would be possible, but those are exclusives.

No matter how fun game is, technical issues are breaking immersion.

Farmassy1067d ago

And just because you have experienced issues doesn't mean that everyone has. For everyone complaining of save issues, I see many more people saying they have played 30 hours with no problem

The fact that no one is talking about how good the game is was my whole point. That's what we should be talking about instead of people making mountains out of mole hills. Seems like everyone likes to complain

I'm not saying there are no issues but acting like the game is broken is even more ridiculous than acting like its perfect. The game is far from broken and acting like it is unplayable is crazy

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Godmars2901067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

People keep saying how this is the best gaming gen ever, how everything should be multiplatform and how easy it should be to do, yet there are numerous examples that say otherwise. Like this.

Nevermind that CD Red has only been praised for their coding.

OrangePowerz1067d ago

I don't see any widespread reports of that issue. Nothing will ever be completely free of issues.

Godmars2901067d ago

So PS1 games bricked PS1s?

PS2 titles needed day-one patches? The very first games for the first Xbox (until Halo 2)?

The whole online/download thing when it was first offered was promised to be only a benefit but since has become a growing burden. A crutch and excuse to get more money out of fans of a series rather than casual players.

OrangePowerz1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

What games are bricking consoles?

Those console where poorly equiped to actually handle the patching process. You could patch them but it was a pain in the butt, that's the only reason you didn't see a lot of patches at tgat time. You should also consider that the games at that point had been far less complex compared to modern games.

We all knew how that online/download would be, we have seen it for many years already on the PC before consoles got online.

Games have become a lot more expensive and you might not like it but those games need to be financed and people need to be paid to make them, a lot of people need to be paid and the price for the main game now is lower than what you paid 20 years ago while you get a lot more content.

Godmars2901067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Early updates and patches during the Xbox 360/PS3 gen. Key point is that where prior games had to be done right because there was no option to fix them later, with online patching becoming common, game development becoming more complex, measures to assure quality have become all but non-existent.

OrangePowerz1067d ago

"measures to assure quality have become all but non-existent."

That's the perception you have as someone who looks at it from the outside.

Godmars2901067d ago

A perception created by day-one patches which are bigger than the reported file size of full games, and games which have major issues months after release. That likely wont ever be fully fixed because they didn't sell enough.

Then there's the mounting issue of season passes that are starting to cost as much as the full games, yet offer nothing about what will be in them.

Microtransactions in Deadspace 3: defend that. Say that EA was entitled to make money from that pay model.

OrangePowerz1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Again your perception as an outsider.

As for broken games, yes there are games being released that should have had some more development time, but you make it sound like there is a huge amount of them.

Are you referring to the Batman comparison article? The one that compared a heavily discounted online retailer version of Batman with season pass prize? As for not knowing what will be in it, maybe they want to keep some surprises for closer to launch or they didn't finalise yet how the content will exactly look? Nobody is forced to buy a season pass before release or to be precise nobody is forced to buy them at all.

I'm not a fan of microtransactions, but I see the reason of why they exist.

When a game comes out all you see is the product that's delivered to you without an idea how it gor there or how much it cost to get it there or to support it after launch.

Edit: Regarding your question further down. A considerable amount of experience.

Godmars2901066d ago

One, I'm saying this as a consumer who is not satisfied with the state of the market. Who's neither buying games day-one, nor at the prices being "asked" by developers and especially publishers who somehow feel entitled to contents of my wallet. Nevermind that many of those same publishers are ruining the price line for their products by selling $60 titles for $4 - or less - mere months after releasing them.

Second, you're trying to win an internet forum argument based on baseless authority and supposed experience.

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Ezz20131067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Like how can any one complain about this incredible gen ?! have day 1 patches on every single game now that don't fix any thing
and sometimes they go over 10+ GB. have more DLCs and season pass than any time before. want to play as Batgirl in Batman AK ?!
just pay 40$ and you are good to go. get over 3000 bug in one game now.

Tell me...Do you bleed ?!!
You Will.

OrangePowerz1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Please spare me from bug statistics if you have no clue about game development.

Godmars2901067d ago

And what makes you an authority on game development much less AAA productions?

Satyre281067d ago

I really dont understand all these issues people are having. I mean yes, the frame rate does jitter at times but its nowhere near that often. I have around 35 hours played and am loving it, yes im on Xbox one as well. Havent had any save files lost, or any game breaking issues, just playing the game. I dont see how some people are saying that they are going to wait till the game is fixed when the game is perfectly playable in its current state.

jv19911067d ago

Cause people always want somthing to complain about

TheJacksonRGN1067d ago

For you and a lot of others but just because you haven't experienced an major issues does not mean they don't exist. Use your head.

Dario_DC1067d ago

The game has real issues, bugs, performance problems and so on. Some people get those more than others but let's not pretend it's all perfect because it isn't...
For me it's the buggy horse and the clunky combat that annoys me the most... I can excuse the frame rate drops and the "open world" related issues(bugs, etc)... That doesn't mean that I'm gonna damage control because it doesn't bother me that much...
This game will be HEAVLY patched until it's runing as it should and if someone prefers to wait untill it's all fixed, more power to them. I'm sure they'll have a better experience than all gamers that are playing the game right now.

eklektic1067d ago

It could be the copy they got. I got a copy from my local c and c and it wouldn't load passed the first picture of geralt. Then after some messing with it resetting and deleting and reinstalling i finally got it to load after over an hour. Took it back and they tell me they fot a email saying they got shipped bad copies but decided not to tell any one. Got a new copy and haven't had a single problem.

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GusBricker1067d ago

Always quit to the main menu youre done playing

bananaboats1067d ago

Im having a blast with this game. no issues that are causing me to put the game down and wait for a fix. I havent noticed any problenms besides a few framerate drops here and there. looking forward to getting home and putting in another 6 hours.

Dlacy13g1067d ago

I did lose some progress once but I was fortunate it was only about 10 min. Since then I save often and don't just over write my save but rotate a few save spots.

1067d ago
Dlacy13g1067d ago

@Cobra951 you speak the truth... killed off a pack of wolves with little health left and let my guard down to loot thinking I killed all of them, didn't notice one lurking behind me... needless to say I died.

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