Smite is divine on Xbox One - and a MOBA for people who hate MOBAs | Dealspwn preview

Dealspwn: "SMITE is going from strength to strength and is still my favourite MOBA on the market by far. Not just because it's a brutal no-holds-barred battle between gods and goddesses from numerous different religions and cultures, but because I hate MOBAs as a general rule."

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christocolus1154d ago

Awesome. I'm really lookng forward to this and Gigantic

Blues Cowboy1154d ago

Yeah, Gigantic looks fun. Actually bored of vanilla MOBAs, much prefer the hybrids now.

gangsta_red1154d ago

Pretty cool game for a system that supposedly has no games.

Moldiver1154d ago

smite and gigantic....what a pair :) . loking forward to getting into both. Never winter has been a great f2p mmo and elite dangerous is gonna turn things up a notch, in that department on X1. did I mention how much I friggin love this console?

lemoncake1154d ago

Smite, ori, fruit ninja 2, state of decay and neverwinter have kept me very happy with my X1 in terms of current exclusive games for beginning of the year and it's just going to get better as the year goes on.

Kingdomcome2471154d ago

Gigantic looks amazing, but try as I might, I just couldn't get into Smite. If Smite is a decent glimpse at how standard MOBAs operate, then I don't think that I care for them much. Gigantic looks to be very different and awesome, though. I really hope that Overwatch makes it's way to consoles too, though that isn't a MOBA.

Bigpappy1154d ago

This good thing about this type of game, is that you can play as little or as much as you want. With games like witcher 3 and ESO releasing, this is helpful for this type of game gaining traction on console. I certainly don't have time for all of them.

XanderZane1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Yeah, me too. Having a blast playing Neverwinter Online for now, but as soon as these 2 games hit the XB1, I'm jumping on board.

Hopefully I can get a Beta Key as well. I put my e-mail in for one. We'll see.

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GoPanthers9991154d ago

In the Beta and loving it. As good as any AAA multiplayer game!

LonDonE1154d ago

I too have 2 Beta keys for smite xbox one but i am just too busy to use them or play it! I played the alpha i beleive.
Any how if any one wants a code PM me ok

LonDonE1154d ago

sorry just gave out the last one! hope they enjoy their time with the beta!!

OpieWinston1154d ago

No last hitting
Arena/Siege(4v4/2 Lanes)/Joust (3v3/1 Lane)/Conquest(5v5/3 Lanes)
Auto Buy/Auto Skill (Optional)

Makes Smite perfect for people who are new to MOBAs... Last hitting is the cancer of MOBAs honestly, my buds and I who poured thousands of hours into Dota 2 have been sinking too much of our time into Smite.

Blues Cowboy1154d ago

Yup. Last hit may add a technical element to some MOBAs as you have to work together a bit more closely, but it's also a horrible mechanic that makes little sense and hurts gameplay flow.

TheGreatGamer1154d ago

The only issue I do have is that I am slowly becoming addicted, absolutely loving this game on my X1. Also looking forward to Gigantic

dkp231154d ago

Been playing and have no clue at Ike doing.

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