Star Wars: Galaxies - Darjani SWGE Goes Open Source

We’re seeing a trend here these days in the Star Wars: Galaxies community. Following the lead of SWGEmu, they are going open source. After a year of silence and the complete death of their website, Dajarni Emu has finally announced that they will be up and running this summer.

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kamper1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

I've been on and off SWG emu for many years now. It's definitely playable and can be a lot of fun.

The community is kind of shit though. Servers are more rivals than anything. Instead of bringing people into the game they fight, and argue with each other. It's really sad.
I played on Bloodfin for a while, and had most of my characters setup up. I had a shop I ran with a friend. The server got fucking wiped. I literally lost everything I had worked for.
What's worse is that the people who ran the server, blamed it on another server"Hacking" them. Complete bull shit.

The game is awesome, but it's really the community that holds this back for me. It's funny because it was the community that kept the game amazing, while Sony Online Entertainment failed miserably in live.