Bloodborne podcast review

The Quit or Continue regulars gather round to talk some Bloodborne.

Listen in as they attempt to explain what exactly Bloodborne's all about before dissecting all that's good and bad about it. And, most importantly of all, try to work out when it's safe to go for a piss in a game that doesn't have a pause button.

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Kipster1151d ago

I hate Rom. Of all the 20 foot long spiders in the world, he's the worst.

ninsigma1150d ago

He was fairly annoying alright. Just run in for a couple hits and then run out before getting swarmed by stupidly powerful spiders! Oh hey, is that falling ice?? Better dodge that as well!

nix1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

The small spiders can be killed in almost one shot if you hit their backs, not their front part which is a shield.

As for the falling meteors, stand in one place. If you run, you get hit 90 percent of the time. If you don't run you don't get hit 90 percent of the time.

That's how i managed that stage.

ninsigma1150d ago

Didn't think about hitting em from behind.
I didn't run, I used dodge instead, the meteors couldn't keep up with me most of the time that way. Never the less, one of the more difficult fights for me. I didn't find many of the bosses particularly hard but rom wrecked my head a bit. I wouldn't put the controller down until I had him beat xD

darren_poolies1150d ago

I thought ROM was piss, just before I fought him my friend was saying it was the hardest fight he's done so far. But then I killed him on my first try. Just hit him as much as you can before he first disappears. Then just completely ignore all the spiders, run in, two/three hits, run out.

ninsigma1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

that was exactly my strategy but it took me a while to get it right.
Seems like everyone struggled in different places. Everyone was raving about father Gascoigne being super hard but I beat him easily with the axe starter weapon. That makes the game even more interesting imo :D

It means everyones journey is different :)

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jerethdagryphon1150d ago

He wasnt that bad kill spiders first and work through there finite in number watchdog of old ones in cursed chalise now thats hard

Kipster1149d ago

Just let me buy a can of Raid as DLC. I'll go back in and annihilate that eight legged twat.