Digital Foundry: The Witcher 3: PS4 vs Core i3 4130/GTX 750 Ti Frame-Rate Test

In this video we're comparing PS4 performance with our budget PC featuring a Core i3 4130 and GTX 750 Ti with 8GB DDR3, using as close to equivalent settings as we can. We have stock and OC testing. With the OC, we are adding +200MHz to core and +400MHz to RAM. This increases overall frame-rates by 15 per cent and it's the difference between being able to achieve a locked 30fps and dips beneath.

To be clear, CDPR is limiting performance to 30fps on PS4 for a more consistent update. There's a 30fps limiter in the PC options, but the Nvidia half-rate adaptive v-sync option found in the GPU control panel may give smoother frame-pacing.

We recommend these settings in order to mirror console as closely as possible with the available presets.

V-Sync: On
Resolution: 1920x1080
Nvidia Hairworks: Off
Number of Background Characters: Low (console actually seems lower than this)
Shadow Quality: Medium
Terrain Quality: Medium
Water Quality: High
Grass Density: Medium
Texture Qua...

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DarkOcelet1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

Is the NPC count really that low on the PS4???

It barely had 3 or 4 NPC's in the same location.

Letthewookiewin1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

I'm standing in a village in Valen right now and there are like 20 crying people here. Lol. Im on PS4.

1006d ago
HaveAsandwich1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

i ran into a house with 6 soldiers outside on ps4, and when our fight broke out, soldiers on horseback showed up. there was probably 10 characters on screen at once, during that fight. i got my ass kicked.

someOnecalled1006d ago

An i3 and gtx750 smh. This is going to be a long gen

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KingKelloggTheWH1006d ago

Where is the Ps4 NPCs? I watched my brother play and there was a bunch more :|

showtimefolks1006d ago

Games on pc will always look and perform better. But consoles also deliver great experiences

On pc developers can focus on giving pc gamers limitless options

While on consoles they know what each gamer will gave tech wise and focus on that

ninjahunter1006d ago

I have this combo and its actually surprising how well it runs.
The performance is pretty good, and you can actually hit very close to 60 fps at a sacrifice of graphics, if your into that.

starchild1006d ago

Yeah it really is amazing how well that i3 and 750ti combo performs. Very respectable performance in this game too.

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