GameSpy Preview: Resistance 2

GameSpy writes: "For early adopters of the PlayStation 3, it could be argued that there was only must-have first-person shooter for the system at launch: Insomniac Games' Resistance: Fall of Man. The game combined an engaging single-player campaign with some of the most impressive console multiplayer offerings in recent memory. Perhaps not surprisingly, the upcoming Resistance 2 is one of the most-anticipated PS3 games of the year, and while our earlier preview of the multiplayer modes gave us a nice taste of what to expect, we still hadn't seen much of the single-player game yet. That all changed during E3, when we got an intimate look at the campaign from none other than Ted Price, Insomniac's CEO."

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ape0073772d ago



mark my words

shazam3772d ago

But the environments look only slightly better than resistance 1. Basically It needs more pixel shaders and more particle effects. And I mean a piss load more pixel shaders.

Also Im tired of games using lightmaps. the consoles are powerful enough for mostly realtime shadowing like in uncharted and killzone 2.

thor3772d ago

If "Are the multiplayer and community offerings too ambitious?" is their only -ve point I think we can say this will be a great game :)
Unless the multiplayer is full of lag of course XD

thor3772d ago

Looking at the gameplay videos again, I can see that

The visuals are amazing, especailly when looking up at that leviathan and the city
The visuals are very poor, worse than the first game, in some of the indoor environments and particle effects are very poor
Fighting the leviathan looks lame. He sees you, then instead of crushing you, or throwing you hard onto the ground so you die, he picks you up gently and chucks you lightly (so you don't take damage) onto the roof of another building. Then he just stares at you. Instead of trying to attack you, he just looks at you. It should be that if he sees you he goes with full force and smashes the side of the building you're in and you have to dodge his attcks. But yet again, he deliberately misses you and lets you escape across to the next building before picking you up again, not trying to kill you but instead throwing you to a nice safe place out of the way. Watching it I didn't feel as though he was an enemy that you had to defeat, more like a piece of mobile scenery that helps you get from one side of the level to the other.