Life is Strange Episode 3 "Chaos Theory" Review | GameSpew

Kim at GameSpew writes: "Whilst for the most part, Life is Strange episode 3 (entitled “Chaos Theory”) didn’t do anything particularly impressive in comparison to the two episodes that came before it, it’s perhaps the episode that has so far left the most impact.

Episode 3 kicks off back in Max’s dormitory, with the population of Blackwell Academy still reeling over the shock of the end of episode 2. The reactions and emotions tied in this feel very real, and it’s a great reintroduction into Max’s little world, once again making us empathise with these very believable characters. The harsh reality of your actions from the last episode will also be very visibly on display; Arcadia Bay will feel like a completely different place depending on how episode 2 turned out for you. Whilst Telltale games claim that your actions affect the story, you soon realise that most of these decisions are arbitrary and never amount to anything more than a change in an anecdotal side story. Life is Strange completely blows that out of the water, and the transition from episode 2 to episode 3 highlights that fantastically – so much so that it’ll make you want to play both episodes again, with alternate choices, just to experience how very different everything can be."

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