How game streaming on YouTube compares to Twitch

YouTube made some key improvements to their live streaming platform last week. It’s now possible to stream footage at 60 frames per second and for it to be viewable in HTML5. The update makes YouTube a viable competitor for Twitch as the two sites vie for the top name in game streaming.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima915d ago

Maybe YouTube should update the mobile app to support 60fps also. YouTube sucks on iOS. Maximum of 720p and 30fps.

GameGuyPGH915d ago

Yeah, that is lame. It should display 60 FPS at least if the user is on wifi.

vitz3914d ago

You're getting live high resolution video, flown through the frickin air to a device that fits in your pocket! I want you to stop a second and just realize how damn insane that is. Just think of how incredible something like that is before you start with complaints.

ChickeyCantor913d ago

" I want you to stop a second and just realize how damn insane that is"

It isn't insane.

Skate-AK914d ago

PS4 app only plays in 720p too. It does have support for 60 FPS though.

FlameWater914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

Youtube is going to remind everyone who's in charge

someOnecalled914d ago

I won't say this is stupid but don't they own twitch. I would just grow twitch to stream everything not just games.

someOnecalled914d ago

Oh yeah I'm the stupid one lol. Forgot they won that battle. Well this is a good move. I wonder how can we improve video streaming technology, because IP providers have been know to do shady things to the customers like throttle bandwidth and handicap some websites and appz

RyuStrife913d ago

Actually, Amazon bought twitch.