A new and very easy Wii Disc dumper released

Maxconsole: "We can't imagine Nintendo will be too pleased with this release, but here it is. Nitrotux has released a new game backup application for the Wii that will all you to back up all Wii single layer, dual layer and GameCube games directly to the Wii's front SD card slot."

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RealityCheck3771d ago

If that's true, I expect lawsuits, rushed firmware upgrade, etc.

crck3771d ago

you can bet that Sony and MS would have sued PSP and 360 hackers out of existence by now.

RealityCheck3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

@1.1, yes I was thinking of the cases where they sold peripheral like game enhancer that could also be used for copying. In this case when it is pure software it is easy to hide. I'm sure they will still try to track them though, and I'm sure they will try (and fail) to combat it with firmware upgrade.