Mortal Kombat X available from £10.44/$17 on PC

Mortal Kombat X is one of the most discounted new releases I've ever seen and is only £10.44/$17 on PC today. It's pretty damn great too. Even the Premium Edition is only £15.19/$23.

Take a look at my Mortal Kombat X review for a full report. I can tell you now that fighter fans should be all over this one. The combat is super smooth and incredibly meaty and the story mode is surprisingly strong, giving you a taste of multiple characters. There's tonnes to do after the story too, with challenge towers with crazy match modifiers and hundreds of items to unlock in the Krypt. I've also reviewed the Jason Voorhees DLC (he's pretty damn good).

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Blues Cowboy1032d ago

That's incredibly cheap. Heard the PC version had some problems at launch but hopefully these are sorted now.

TheImprobableMulk1032d ago

Yeah, that's really tempting at this price, but that backlog...

solar1032d ago

Yep. Glad I waited to buy. $17 on PC and $60 console. You can't beat these deals.