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Neil writes "For any self respecting gamer who has even the slightest interest in motorsport, the arrival of Project Cars would have been a significant moment. Touted by Slightly Mad Studios for the last couple of years as the ultimate driving journey, a game created and approved by the pros with an unprecedented track and vehicle roster and graphics that are beyond reality, Project Cars should be the game that all racers will need to be involved with from day one. So does it live up to the hype, or do we have nothing more than a podium finisher behind the market leading Forza Motorsport?"

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oKidUKo1186d ago

I'm glad I waited because for me the fundamental part of a game is to be fun and Project CARS seemed to lack this. If I was a serious racer I'd give it a look.

curtis921186d ago

Just comes down to what you, as a gamer, deem "fun". To some, fun is breezing through a game on easy, just enjoying the story. To others, fun is being challenged and despite failure, feeling rewarded through improvement. Project CARS is the latter for me.

oKidUKo1186d ago

Indeed that's why I stated that's not the fun I personally wanted, nothing overly serious :)

weirdo1186d ago

fun is subjective so your comment is inconclusive. i find project cars to be a lot of fun, especially online.