HMV to offer VAT-free games instore writes:

"Entertainment retailer HMV is to begin offering VAT-free games via instore kiosks, under a new initiative called HMV Delivers.

According to a report in The Guardian, the company plans to extend the controversial VAT-avoidance scheme used by the company's website to stores across the UK, offering games, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray movies minus the 17.5 per cent charged on items by the UK Treasury.

Many online retailers take advantage of the loophole that allows VAT exemption for products under GBP 18 that are imported into the UK from outside of the European Union. and Jersey-based already operate schemes to take advantage of the legal loophole originally designed to minimise the administration burden on marginal trade.

HMV has said that products on offer via the instore kiosks will be restricted to products not available on store shelves, according to the report."

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Kirstenlottesovs3774d ago

If only they would do something like that, here where i live (Denmark)
Its fairly common to find new games at around 550,- DKR, which is around 60 GBP or 116 USD. ridiculous prices...

IdleLeeSiuLung3774d ago

Which is in line with the rest of the world including the US after you factor in purchasing power and income. Take it up with your government why your taxes is so high....