Playing Witcher 3 After Bloodborne Is Really Weird

"Bloodborne so overwhelmed my adrenaline glands, I feel that every other game – no matter how great – will somehow seem quaint by comparison."

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Transistor1156d ago

From Software's games have this effect on other RPG's combat systems.

Dragon's Dogma has the same effect.

gustave1541155d ago

Agree but unfortunately not alot of people played Dragons Dogma. I prefer bloodborne's combat

Dario_DC1156d ago

The combat difference is HUGE! The Witcher 3 is really clunky, slower, way less responsive and the autolock is crap when dealing with multiple enemies... But still it's good enough to be fun.

Stapleface1156d ago

You don't use auto lock for multiple enemies...that would be why it's terrible for multiple enemies.

Dario_DC1156d ago

The problem is moving from one enemy to another, lots of games do it right, the witcher need to be patched to work better that's all.
I do agree that the way it is right now, you're better off not using it.

SolidDuck1156d ago

Witcher 3 is amazing. I agree the combat is flat out clunky.

Somebody1156d ago

I don't play Bloodborne so I can't compared it to TW3. I can say the movement in TW3 is far better than TW2 but the use of a radial menu made combat management(switching spells and gadgets) clunkier than it should be. Luckily I used macro keys to set a spell to a key so there was no need to use the radial menu or the number keys or use the mouse wheel to scroll through them(the spell icons are too small to inform me what spell I just scroll through). The less time I spend popping up the radial menu, the less staggered the combat feels.

Agreed, the lock on is terrible. Just don't use it when facing multiple enemies or even one enemy if you're on horseback. You'll get dizzy since you movement became restricted to a circle and the horse spun around the enemy at high speed. I'm using the mouse so it's not a problem for me when looking at multiple enemies(I have noticed that Geralt does pay attention to nearby enemies even when he's locked on to another me but there's no way to make him change target easily).

I can see there is potential in the combat that sorely need more polish. I truly enjoyed the inclusion of a nifty dodge that complements the roll action. These two moves is important when facing multiple enemies.

Bennibop1156d ago

I think bloodborne spoilt me as I really can't get into the witcher. Half way through my ng++ which is an achievement for me as when I played demon souls I could not get past the first section.

HumanatPlay1156d ago

Get cocky in either game, you die. Both are completely different games with Bloodborne being the more technically polished of the two at the moment. Other wise the Witcher is easily my favorite of the two because I don't have to change my underwear.

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