The Fighting Game Art Of Ogami

Pixiv user Ogami draws some really cool pics of fighting game characters, each from different series. You'll find some great profile pic art from games like BlazBlue, KOF and Street Fighter!

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bOObies1151d ago

Love fighting game art and characters. They always dress the coolest and sexist.

ZaWarudo1150d ago

lol not sure if you meant sexiest.

bOObies1150d ago

No I mean sexist. Lol I mean look at them its just so offensive to the opposite sex being that damn good lookin wearing such revealing clothes :P

ZaWarudo1150d ago

I need Jam back in Guilty Gear.

Hoffmann1150d ago

I need Captain Sawada back in Street Fighter!

Kyosuke_Sanada1150d ago

Looks pretty good. Fighting game is always impressive, especially from Daisuke Ishiwatari or Nona.........

maniacmayhem1150d ago

Love that Vanessa, I used her extensively when she was in KoF.