Destiny: Xur Agent of the Nine Items and Location for May 22, 23 (Week 37) Revealed

GearNuke: Xur Inventory and Location for Week 37."

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Godz Kastro915d ago

I purchased 9 helmet engrams. There's nothing else to do with motes other than that right?

Allsystemgamer915d ago

other than trading them no lol

Peace_Love_and_FPS915d ago

If I got the engram's like he did is there a chance of getting a HoW exotic? Really want the ram

Steptoe915d ago

you can reforge certain weapons with motes of light.

HiddenMission915d ago

That's not true you need them to re-roll gear for stats that better suit your play styles versus using what they came with initially.

Christopher914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

If you have DLC 2... yeah, motes of light are for reforging weapons until you get rolls you actually want. Way more important than wasting them on engrams, IMHO. At least until you have all the weapons with the rolls you want.

Edit: Dang. Was really hoping hawkmoon would show up on Xur. It's the only exotic I've been waiting on for ages.

Doja914d ago

Hawkmoon is a ps exclusive I think, so I don't think it'll be for sale until Xbox gets it.

xHeavYx914d ago

I got an ascended one on my first post-HoW Nightfall,dismantled it to use the shared on my maxed Hawkmoon

Christopher914d ago

No one likes you, xHeavYx. I asked around, it was unanimous :P

@Doja: That makes sense, and makes me cry a little.

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Godz Kastro915d ago

Im dont too big on the reforging idea so im good. Thanks

Steptoe915d ago

No problem. Hope you got something good from your 9 engrams.

GuruStarr78915d ago

sup kastro, long time brother... did you get any house of wolves stuff from your engrams? I turned in 5 and didn't get any house stuff....

Hows it going? I switched over to PS4 Destiny, more content and a better community.

cell989915d ago

those engrams are tempting, but I got to save my motes for reforging

Doja914d ago

I got the ram and eternal warrior. Shooting for celestial nighthawk when I get home.