New PS4 TV Commercial Boasts "The World's Most Powerful Console," Shows Games

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Europe released a new TV commercial for the PS4, showing Batman: Arkham Knight, Bloodborne and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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KingKelloggTheWH852d ago

Well, it is. Unless you count PC, but I don't think anyone counts it as a "console".

oasdada852d ago

That is kind of true.. technically speaking ps4>xb1>wiiU..

Is it the best console in the world? well thats v subjective and depends on ur preference

Khajiit86852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

Its not subjective.

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Khajiit86852d ago

Yeah PC is def. not a console. So PS4 is the most powerful console. But its not even close to the most powerful gaming machine. Theres one I am using now thats much better.

KnowledgeIsPower852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

PS4 is more powerful, but a slight resolution advantage on a few Games is nothing to be boasting about, i mean the two consoles are pretty much the same from everything i have seen, the games look the same and in some instances Xbox One runs them better like the Witcher 3, i dunno its too close to call but im sure some fanboys will disagree

OB1Biker852d ago

Just letting you know I disagree.
And I disagree almost everytime someone call people names if they disagree..
You guys should stop telling off people who disagree... It s also a way to communicate without wasting time.

remixx116852d ago

Yeah I really can't stand the guys who say sh*t like, if you disagree you are clearly a blind fanboy, take of your rose tinted glasses trololololololol". Its stupid to try and hand lock someone's opinion and label them the second they step on your statement.

Magicite852d ago

PS4 is most powerful console and console with largest library of current gen games(both released and announced).

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DarkOcelet852d ago

They should make a bundle with those 3 games in it. It would be awesome.

MasterCornholio852d ago

Well that's true.


Multiplats and exclusives proved that many times already.

P.S PC isn't a console.

LifeInNZ852d ago

Goodness, not sure I like these sorts of claims as they can come across a little arrogant. Just let the games do the talking and stop with all the pi$$iing.

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The story is too old to be commented.