Dinosaurs will rule the world - ARK: Survival Evolved

One user's account of the hype surrounding up coming early access survival RPG ARK: Survival Evolved.

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WizzroSupreme1035d ago

Dinosaurs are coming? *gets Chris Pratt*

DigitalRaptor1035d ago

This game has the potential to be massive, and gain hype kinda like No Man's Sky, in my opinion.

This looks more interesting than NMS to me though, in terms of pure gameplay opportunity. Project Morpheus compatibility alone has be more pumped than anything else. Dinosaur survival in VR!

RobAlmighty1035d ago

From the looks of it, my time within this game will dwarf my 300 hours in Rust. We shall see though.

Angelin1035d ago

Do you guys know when we can get the hands on this on PS4? Next summer when morpheus launches or earlier?