Level 34 Fireteam earns World First title for Destiny’s Prison of Elders

Bungie has announced the official winners of the "World First" title for being the first to beat the Prison of Elders' hardest challenge, shooting down previous claims at who beat the level 35 challenge first.

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Godz Kastro1101d ago

Wow, that took longer than I expected. Congrats!

Allsystemgamer1101d ago

Me and 2 other members of our group were the first in our clan to hit 34. We did urrox 2 days ago and now that we have a strategy we can down him in under 6 minutes. Next stop...skolas...

miiikkeyyyy1099d ago

I've beaten it twice. Once yesterday and once today.
3 Gjallarhorns and a Weapons of light. No skill required.