Writing Off Game Writers - Waste of Talent

Lee Sheldon writes:

''Writers are sorely underappreciated and underused in the video game industry, and the institutions supplying the next generation of game creators aren't helping.

I have been a professional game designer and writer for almost 15 years now. For the past two years, I have also been teaching these skills at Indiana University. My reason for taking on the added burden of teaching as I continue to create commercial games was a realization that despite many advances in techniques for storytelling in games, a huge number of people and companies in our industry seem unaware of them. This includes writers of games themselves. My hope was to help raise a new generation of writers proficient in the skills we have learned, and find new ones to suit our ever-evolving industry.

However, I recently learned that with few exceptions, game studios still have a very limited idea of what writing a game means, or how writers can be used in games, and as a result rarely hire writers on staff or utilize contract writers to their fullest potential.''

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ry-guy3772d ago

I'd love to be a game writer, except for the part where I stink at writing.

Fadixon3772d ago

I wonder what game would shakespear have done if he was still alive XD

deeznuts3772d ago

All characters would sound very polite ... right before they shoot each oth'ers brains out.

"Doth protest too much, methinks." Blakka blakka!

RAM MAGNUMS3772d ago

gears of war was fantastic writing.
halo3 was the best according to the pros.

Just kidding.
hey xbots, can I get a fight?!?
you guys are pushovers defending the easy bake oven.
Gamestop said they ain't taking no more xboxes to trade for a ps3!
Uh oh!
looks like youre out of luck.
sucks to be you.

Drakol3772d ago

... but I feel as though my skills are finding little use in this generation of gaming. It's a pity, really. Oh well, that's why I made mah own gaming indie company!