Where To Turn In Monster Trophies In The Witcher 3

Monster Trophies are items you get for doing Monster Contracts in the Witcher 3. All of them give you a minor buff but they are also worth alot of money to the right person.

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ninsigma1064d ago

Knew there had to be somewhere to give me a good price! I was really tempted to just sell the griffin head last night as I was struggling for coin while crafting the viper gear. Thank God I didn't because I'd have been kicking myself after seeing this post this morning!
Probably would be able to buy it back but at what cost??

sonerone1064d ago

I sold them all last night :(

Kingdomcome2471064d ago

Dangit! I sold the Griffin trophy and the Noonwraith trophy for pennies on the dollar. I was wondering why the Griffin trophy was listed at 250 crowns in my inventory, but I only received maybe 50 upon selling it. That dang sneaky dwarf.

ninsigma1064d ago

Not even 50. I think it's 30 which is worse! Glad I didn't sell it. You could probably buy it back from him if you asked him nicely :p

RedSoakedSponge1064d ago

I really don't want to sell them. I like to hold on to them like a badge of honour

JCOLE131951064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

I'd rather not sell them. Don't they provide bonuses? The noonwraith head provides an extra 5% damage to humans and nonhumans.. For example.

achmetha1064d ago

u will have more than one trophy that provides the same bonus depending on how many more contracts you do

JCOLE131951063d ago

Oh okay thanks for the info! :)

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