This Surprise Attack Video Perfectly Sums Up Everything We Love About Bloodborne

Bloodborne is a viciously difficult game. So hard, apparently, that it is perfectly willing to snatch victory from players who don't cover their flanks.

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gangsta_red1152d ago

You can dang near hear the trumpets when this guy gets whacked.

cheameup1152d ago

lol. its funny how well you get to know the levels in this game. as he was sneaking up I was thinking "watch out for the other dude"

Eidolon1152d ago

I know XD, it happened to me the first time I tried that.

Septic1152d ago

Haha yup. It happened to me too. I raged, hard.

joab7771152d ago

That's exactly what I was saying b/c you can never sneak attack that guy. Or the brainsucker in Upper, and a bunch more that are perfectly placed.

Qrphe1152d ago

It seems a bit unnecessary to make an entire article for 12s video.