Bloodborne Fans are Losing Their Minds over the DLC Announcement

Twinfinite presents the best fan reactions on Twitter in response to the glorious news of an upcoming Bloodborne DLC expansion that was recently announced.

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Brotard1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

The one game that doesn't have a season pass announced before had is the one game that deserves it! lol

freshslicepizza1036d ago

it was likely already planned long ago.

ninsigma1036d ago

Planned yes but they didn't focus on it. They told us nothing about it, we didn't even know it existed. They created a great and fulfilling game and then right when we're done and wanting more, *bam* here's your dlc. It's better that way than having them announce exactly what dlc is coming before the game itself is even out.

Maxor1036d ago

"They didn't focus on it" Are you serious? It's a Fromsoft game. Stop pretending they're some sort of white knight in this industry. DLCs is their stock and trade, virtually of the Souls games are filled to the brim with DLCs.

Korix1036d ago


Virtually all of them are filled with DLC? Really?
DS had zero DLC.
DkS1 had one piece of DLC
DkS2 had 3 pieces of DLC

Wouldn't say they're all filled to the brim with DLC.
DkS2 also had a season pass from the very start. None of the others have had that.
Further more, releasing the game only on one platform is taking a higher risk than before, so working on DLC packs before it becomes a success would be a gamble big enough not to take, especially seeing how Sony and FS are surprised by the sales.

Of course they've thought about DLC from the start, but you act like they're EA.

BlackTar1871035d ago

I also thought the DLC on Dark Souls 1 was like a year later. It didn't have trophy support because it wasn't planned until later. 3 games 4 DLC packs. Fallout has more DLC per game then all the souls series combined.

mav8051035d ago


From never made any DLC for Damon's Souls, and didn't have any planned for the original Dark Souls until the community wanted it so badly that they finally made an expansion.

Traditionally Froms DLC had been of very high quality.

Bebedora1035d ago

No they didn't plan it, they just made all this DLC out of a troll-hatter and came out with this...don't be stupid about it.

linkenski1035d ago

QFT. Funny you got so many dislikes from that comment. Did you know a game has to be built to have DLC support in order to get proper DLC expansions? Of couse BB's DLC was planned to have DLC a long time ago. Nothing sinister about that. We're just incredibly happy they didn't need to shove this in our faces with pre-release marketing or season passes.

themiracle1035d ago

And by "filled to the brim" you mean Demon's Souls had none, and Dark Souls had a single, brilliant and expansive dlc offering. I thought Artorias added a lot to an already spectacular game. I cannot, as yet, speak to DK2, as I've only played the extremely long main campaign.. But I can attest to the inacuracy and trolliness of your statement

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Kingdomcome2471036d ago

I fully expect it to be jam packed full of awesomeness. I'd wager that some awesome new weapons are all but guaranteed, and I hope that some awesome new story quests/boss battles are included. I'm still working my way through a ng+, and that has been kind of placed on the back burner atm with The Witcher's release. Damnit Yarnham, why must your siren song be so compelling...

joab7771036d ago

One of my all time favorite games! I'm super excited!

subtenko1036d ago

These devs are doing it right. Talk about a great first impression for gamers new to this type of game and series.

Go Sony Go!!!!! :D

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crazychris41241036d ago

Surprised twinfinite didnt put each tweet on its own page

antias1036d ago

More like "twinfinite are losing their minds".

oasdada1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

No season pass and dlc announced. Means nothing going "according to plan". And when things dont go "according to plan",well then EVERYONE LOOSES THEIR MINDS! - The Joker

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