A Day-Z Clone Might Be Headed To The PS Vita

Day-Z might be headed to the PS Vita! Well actually Barren Roads might be headed to the PS Vita, but the title is so much like Day-Z that anyone could be fooled. In fact the title is practically an exact replica of Day-Z, and the developers want to bring it over to the PS Vita.

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Snookies121156d ago

Will it bring the Vita back from the 'dead'? Lol, sorry I couldn't help it. I love my Vita, I just hate the support it gets, or rather... The lack thereof.

nikrel1156d ago

I miss my Vita, screen died one day & I haven't gotten it fixed yet, for the price to fix it I could buy a new one. I'm going to wait for Black Friday & see if I can get a deal.

LostDjinn1156d ago

That was terrible. Pretty accurate but still...get away from me.

MegaRay1155d ago

How is the Vita "dead"? I mean to Sony, maybe. But there is a game announce everyday. But I think it depends on if you like Japanese games or not

Personaly Japanese games are my favorites
(Kingdom Hearts, Tales of, Persona)

DonkeyDoner1156d ago

for me I think vita need simulation maybe like animal crossing vita really need to attract kids and casual gamer because thats how you sold handheld and then the rest is hardcore gamer

HakatoX1156d ago

there are not many "hardcore"games on the vita.

I tire of the same three shooters.

tigertron1155d ago

The more Vita titles, the better.

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