New Xbox Features Now Available in Preview

The Xbox experience across devices is becoming more robust this week as Microsoft begin to roll out a host of new features. You’ll notice some old favourites—like avatars—making a comeback, and brand new features—like testing streaming—setting the stage for bigger things to come. Let’s jump in!

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nigelp5201155d ago

ALL I want

-Ability to play Xbox 360 games on my Xbox One

rev3games1155d ago

you have a 360 for that.

kreate1155d ago


But I wish their games for gold and deals for gold shows up in the front like the 360 dashboard.

I had to youtube it to find out how to find these sale games on the x1 dashboard.

Quite annoying, wish they would update this.

2pacalypsenow1155d ago

Yeah seriously it's not that hard to switch the input

Volkama1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I have a 360 with a 20GB hard drive and component output. I could buy a bigger hard drive and add the component and sp/dif cables back to my AV setup, but... frankly I'd rather be free of the clutter. As such I generally just ignore Games with Gold 360 offerings.

If the Xbox One could play 360 games there are actually quite a few I'd like to go back and have a go at. Maybe even a few that won't be remastered (lol).

But yeah, I don't see it happening unfortunately.

Saladin4161155d ago

The xbox 360 is for ppl in submarines....

Kingdomcome2471155d ago

I think that just went completely over my head. What is that a reference to?

LackTrue4K1155d ago

"not going to happen"

look and PlayStation Now, similar service will come from Microsoft/XboxOne.

if both consoles/companys did this, they would lose ez $$$.
(will just not happen)

Umbasa1155d ago

ALL I want

-Redesign of the whole UI for better navigation without Kinect, no more menus on menus.

Halo2ODST21155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

All I want;
- The ability to rip my halo soundtracks onto my Xbox One, so i can listen to decent music when playing Destiny or Halo 4. This feature was possible on the Original Xbox & 360, why isn't it avalible on "this so called next gen console".
On multiplayer music generally doesn't play, so on my 360 i would always put on one ofmy soundtracks when on mp, but with the X1 i can't now!

Kingdomcome2471155d ago

I agree. While they're at it, utilize those three operating systems to allow music to play in the background. I don't like eating up screen real estate while gaming, by snapping apps for music.

Halo2ODST21155d ago

You could play original games on the 360, why not 360 on the x1?

Volkama1155d ago

You could play very few Xbox games on the 360, and each one required work from a team at Microsoft to make it compatible. That list started quite small, and very quickly stopped growing. I still have Kung Fu Chaos sitting in my games collection for no reason. Can't even remember what fate befell my original Xbox actually.

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MasterBaker1155d ago

Sounds like they're waiting until E3 to realease one big update for Xbox one. Kinda makes sense since we've gotten pretty much nothing new in the past few months on Xbox. We'll see.

4Sh0w1155d ago

Well what specifically would you suggest they update?..I think they've addressed most of the most popular requests. I'm sure they will have some "big" updates throughout the year but unless the community is actively making practical suggestions it seems to me these type of refinements are the reasonable approach.

MasterBaker1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

That's why we have an Xbox feedback website, there are literally thousands of requested features, of course not all will make to the Xbox one, but many of the top features probably will.

Edit: here's a link

4Sh0w1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Yeah I know about the xbox feedback forums, thats what I was refering to, my point was what do you personally think they need to update since you said:

"we've gotten pretty much nothing new in the past few months on Xbox."

-Yeah because they've taken care of so many highly requested updates so fast its naturally going to mean big updates month after month arent going to be neccesary. Its easy to just be a critic but imo your statement raises some questions like= OK so what update have you suggested? or Which big update suggested by community have YOU been waiting for months to see???? or Are you just wishing for them to come up with random major updates every month?

-Im not trying to mess with seriously just trying to get a feel for what you're saying.

MasterBaker1154d ago

for starters a new UI would be better, because the current UI is a mess, it's slow and feels clunky

-better avatar integration
-removing apps for certain things like friends and messages, because it just makes it slow.
-background music
-more online status options(appearing "busy" instead OS offline would be nice.
-share play like the ps4
-easier and quicker way to join and start a party and messages
-snapping is annoying and slow(forced feature)
-better store app. Indies go unnoticed when they're mixed in with other AAA games, so an arcade section would be nice
-be able to disable auto record
-longer recording
-private chat

4Sh0w1154d ago

hmmm while I disagree with the current UI being a mess, your response was exactly what I was looking for. Now at least I have an idea of what your expectations are. I'm curious to see if these are common requests. Thanks.

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DragonbornZ1155d ago

Imma be using that last 30 seconds record thing all the time on pc.
Love that I can have something ridiculous happen playing a game on X1 and catch a recording of it right after it happened. Now ill never miss a moment :P
Oh, could come in handy when it comes to hackers too. Catch em in the act with that last 30 sec.

Volkama1155d ago

There are quite a few programs that will already do this on the PC, including the free Raptr tool that AMD want to push on everyone. But yes, it's nice to see native support in the OS.

DragonbornZ1153d ago

Didn't know that type of software was a thing on pc. I didn't know Raptr did it and I even have it installed lol. Thanks for the heads up. I'll check out some others too.