The Best Console Is The One Your Friends Have

Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"The age old battlefield that millions of gamers have died on; the console war. Which console is better? Which one is right for you? What console will you have more fun with? These are all questions that gamers have been fighting over for years now and I have a simple answer that many would agree with. Simply go where your friends are."

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xHeavYx1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Nope, that may be true if you play a lot of MP games,but even then it doesn't mean much.
In my opinion, the best console is the one that had the games you enjoy the most.

NinjaRichParty1182d ago

I agree. If you read the article, I state that this is directed more towards those who are on the fence. Not for those who have made their decision already.

itBourne1182d ago

Not sure why, but as I have gotten older, it is true for me, I play more PC then anything now, because I have more friends that play PC. I think it is because I am an extremely competitive person, and getting older means less and less sports = /. However, I do heavily support Sony too, for multiple reasons. I feel like they support me and gamers in general more then anyone. Their sheer amount of studios is astounding and has been for over a decade, they are more diverse then other console makers by far, indie support as well, even first party free to play games coming. Above all, I history has proven they will support a console its entire lifetime and with plenty of variety, not other console maker can say that, and that can be statistically proven. I do the same with musicians, hell I have bought 8 Brantley Gilbert albums over the years, he only has 3 actual different albums. I support what I enjoy and think is best for the industry. Same as I buy Nintendo stuff because although narrow, they offer something no one else does.

Magicite1179d ago

I use consoles only for SP, so Playstation is best every gen - hands down.

KryptoniteTail1182d ago

Yeah, N-Gage really would've dominated if everyone had one LOLOL.

It's great if your friends have what you have but quality will bring them to you anyway. I wouldn't wanna game with anyone who didn't want to play SDV anyway.

comebackkid98911181d ago

My friends went from scoffing at my PS4 to shrugging when questioned about their XBONE's lol

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1182d ago

Not true. None of my friends have PS4s, they all have Xbox Ones. I don't even play oonline games. Just give me the single player story driven games.

DigitalRaptor1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Nail on the head there buddy.

I bought a PS4 before any of my friends migrated over.

The best console is the one which has the best, most diverse and memorable games. It certainly isn't one that was designed to be a multimedia box by misguided executives long before it was fairly considered to be a cutting edge, laser-focused gaming console. That's an ultimate disqualification, not due to any kind of grudge existing, but because it's going to be instantly far behind on the gaming front, as we've already seen.

However, if someone thinks the PS4, the Xbox One or the Wii U is their FAVOURITE console, then they are welcome to let anyone know.

@ AussieGamer1

You're wrong. The only people that lie and spread misinformation like a disease around here are the Xbox guys. Digital Foundry doesn't lie. Visual and performance analyses don't lie. However, if you told me that you think all multiplatform games look identical and that you weren't a casual gamer, I would have the right to say that you were lying about not being casual. It's that hard for me to believe that a seasoned, discerning gamer that has been gaming for years cannot tell the difference in visual fidelity and things as obvious as poorer shadows and anti-aliasing solutions. If you told a PC gamer that there are no differences between 900p and 1080p, or the kind of effects you can scale up with better hardware, they would laugh you off.

It's not all games, but it's most.

Brisco1182d ago

Got both, Ps 4 for the exclusives and Xbox for the rest.

playstation4epic1182d ago

why? i play my games on ps4 because they always look better or have higher resolutions

StrayaKNT1182d ago

Who are you lying to?? People know this by now, Both look identical and I own both as well.

playstation4epic1181d ago

Identical? You need to get glasses

Fro_xoxo1182d ago

I agree to an extent. my best buddy plays on XO which I own too.
When we buy other consoles, majority of our gaming will still be done on XO.

And, I'm more of a single-player gamer than Multiplayer.
Although multiplayer is best on XO, in my experience.

I'm playing Sunset, Ori and Wolf at the moment . . with some FIFA 15 on the side.

vega2751182d ago

I agree. All my friends and family have a X1. Only one of the has a gaming pc besides myself. So on those weekends I'm not out of town. We play online together or Skype each other.

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