MGSV's Quiet's outfit is anything but 'mild' nudity

GGG analyzes the recent rating of MGSV saying the game contained "mild" amounts of nudity and debates whether Quiet's controversial character model can even be considered "mild nudity".

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Nyxus1184d ago

Uh, she isn't nude at all. And if she was, so what?

DarkOcelet1183d ago

Dont work yourself out on such articles. Its not worth it.

Kojima himself said there is an explanation on why she is wearing that outfit so i cant wait to the look on the people's face who wrote silly articles like those.

Nyxus1183d ago

I just find it weird to thin Quiet's outfit is anything more than 'mild nudity', when there isn't any nudity at all, actually. Maybe the rating refers to something else in the game we haven't seen yet.

LordMaim1183d ago

I don't know. Any reason that Kojima could offer that someone is in the desert in that kind of outfit could only be contrived.

But on the other hand, who cares? Is a bikini "mild" nudity? Or nudity at all? Is it really necessary to write an entire article about the severity of an adjective? It would be like arguing over whether something should be described as "light blue" or "pale blue".

Anthotis1183d ago


If Quiet's outfit is classed as mild nudity, then we might need to ban the millions of scantily clad girls from dressing the way they do, unless they're in SJW approved nudist zones.

MWH1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

"Kojima himself said there is an explanation on why she is wearing that outfit"

only a teenager would buy into this bullsh1t.
the fact is they decided they want this factor in the game then built some story around it, it's not the other way around, not in billion years.

it's just another case of "sex sells", period.

there's even a toy that allows you to squeeze her breasts, so what is there to defend I don't know.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1183d ago

I would call Quiet's outfit ZERO Nudity. Because it has no nudity, are these people retarded?

hay1183d ago

Yup, it's clear that Kojima wanted some, quote: "easy cosplays" and had to put dramatic story not to come out of it as a questionable pervert, instead framed us to make us feel bad with questioning his doubtful intentions.

kneon1183d ago

I agree with segamon, there is no plausible reason for her to wear such a stupid outfit other than to pander to 14 year old males.

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Lord_Sloth1183d ago

Story Quality? WTF
Like this website? No.

paradigmfellow1183d ago

The problem is that they are objectifying women.

Nyxus1183d ago

Why, just because of the way she looks? Stefanie Joosten, who plays the character, already said there is depth to her. Quiet is an actual character, not an object. Stefanie also said her looks don't bother her.

BiggerBoss1183d ago

I guess people were objectifying Raiden when he ran around naked in MGS2?

Yi-Long1183d ago

You don't know anything about the character yet.

It's YOU who are judging her solely based on her outer appearances.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1183d ago

And men are not objectified in videogames...?

ChrisW1183d ago

No, hardly anyone here cares about the objectifying of women in games. The problem is Quiet's outfit looks completely out of place and impractical.

gamer78041183d ago

She's modeled after a real person... With her permission.

ShadowWolf7121183d ago

"The problem here is they are objectifying women."

Says the guy with the Fairy Tail avatar. lmao

The guy says there's a reason for the outfit, I can't pass judgement one way or the other until I hear it... but to sit there and straight-faced say that this is "problematic" because it "objectifies women" while repping the work of friggin HIRO MASHIMA is hilarious.

DragonKnight1183d ago

No, they aren't. No one sees women as object. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. In all contexts, in all ways, no one sees women as an object. The term objectification is absolutely divorced from reality. Even the most controlling person in the world does not see women as objects. Absolutely no one sees a woman dressed in provocative or revealing clothing and thinks of that woman as an inanimate object, completely void of agency, for them to use for their own needs and then toss. People may not be empathetic to the person, but they certainly don't view the person the same way they view a car or a remote or a fridge.

The term objectification is completely asinine, over and misused, and is at this point a total buzzword people throw out when they want to whine about something and don't have a legitimate reason.

As for believing this outfit is "out of place" and "impractical" in what way? What practical outfit is there to have in a scorching hot desert? Army fatigues and an 80lb sac so you can hold in more body heat and become dehydrated faster? Why are people concerned with the practicality of someone's outfit in games with technology that doesn't even exist in the real world? It's like judging a game on it's realistic way of being unrealistic, or vice versa.

People put way too much thought into the tiniest, most inconsequential things.

zidane13411183d ago

@dragonknight: WTF are you rambling about? There are plenty of sexist, horrible people out there that think woman are nothing but objects. One of the reasons there's something called rape that happens. Not to mention serial killers and other murderers who don't bat a eye over killing little girls, young men, really any demographic. You need to take psychology courses or wake up to the real world man. To say nobody in the world "objectifies" woman is just so naive. Not to bash on you or anything.

DragonKnight1183d ago

@zidane: Rape does not exist because people are viewing someone else as a sexual object. Rape is about exerting power over someone in the most complete way. No one actually thinks of anyone, men or women, as any kind of object.

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DarkOcelet1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

The person who wrote this article is clueless to what he wrote.

You know what else i find very weird. He is complaining about her looks but he is finding that a hidden D**ks in State of Decay background art is hilarious...

How come he didnt find that a bit disturbing or downright ****ing weird is beyond me.

alvgamin4lif1183d ago

In the modern world it's now common to f**k logic. Dicks? Lol! Boobs? Sjw, feminist and what not!

monkeyDzoro1183d ago

SJW and "Feminists".
- Women are free and so if they want to expose their body or want their body to be exposed, they have all rights to do so. Its THEIR choice. Moreover, why men can run with topless and women can't ?

Kojima - This is Quiet a scout. This is her outfit.

SJW and "Feminists"
- WTF ?! Nudity again. Just to arouse white male gamers.

( -_-)(-_- )( -_-)

I didn't even bother clicking on the article. Not to bear again with their nonsense. What a joke. And they want videogames to evolve. How do they want that, if they moan every time they see a nipple... But you'll see the same PRAISING TV shows like Game of Thrones...


ANIALATOR1361183d ago

Snake can go topless and nobody gives a shniz.

BiggerBoss1183d ago

The hypocrisy of SJWs astounds me

Askanison41183d ago

lol that's a very silly way of looking at it.

"Its THEIR choice"
-- You do understand this design came from a man? Quiet is not an ACTUAL woman who made the costume choice.
That's really not hard to understand.

Of course it's objectification. Any rationale behind why she would dress that way is a retcon.

BTW, I'm 100% not a SJW or any other silly acronym you want to throw around... but get your head out of the sand and see the world around you.

1183d ago
DragonKnight1183d ago

"-- You do understand this design came from a man? Quiet is not an ACTUAL woman who made the costume choice. That's really not hard to understand."

Precisely why b****ing about her design is stupid. The woman is fictional. She doesn't exist. So either her design is that of a man making a woman that doesn't exist, or if you're going to insist that this is problematic due to objectification (which is stupid) then it raises the question of whether or not we need to consider the agency of a fictional character, in which case said fictional character is wearing what she wants to wear.

What's happening is that SJWs will insist, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, that games impact real life and Quiet's design means women everywhere will be viewed as sexual objects (patently absurd), but at the same time complain that a fictional character can't have agency unless designed with specific agency. So a fictional character is real when it supposedly impacts the self-esteem of women, but not real because of its lack of agency.


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Adrian_v011183d ago

Imma become a "game journalist" and write an article on every good looking guy in video games on how guys are objectified.

DivoJones1183d ago

While I can't say that if I went to the beach I'd see that quality of a beach body, I can at least say that I'd see about that much 'nudity' on a public beach. This is the difference between Japan and America right now. There's a big push for womens' rights and equality here in the US.. Japan not so much. But that's really up to the people of Japan to make their stand for rights and equality.

If this offends people, they shouldn't buy it.. but I'm gonna.

Gatsu1183d ago


I wish this kind of articles would stop coming...

mydyingparadiselost1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Please disregard this space, I'm dumb :/

1183d ago
comebackkid98911183d ago

You're right, what is there to defend?

Orionsangel1183d ago

I agree, who cares anymore. Directors, Developers should do what they want and ignore the public. Creative freedom. Rather than a world where your creative talents are limited by what offends a certain group of people.

InTheZoneAC1183d ago

because it's a game and would feel out of place? idk....

Takwin1183d ago

Partial nudity means nipples. Those are parts that are covered. Or even an ass. But cleavage in an outfit you absolutely could wear out in public that covers more than a swim suit. NOT NUDITY.

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Big_Game_Hunters1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Her outfit is less revealing than a bikini, are bikini's mild nudity too?

"just another cheap tactic at forcing female characters through hard times, like with Paz’s multiple rapes in Ground Zeroes tapes" What? They put large screws through Chico's feet, both him and Paz were tortured. How is that "forcing a female character into hard times". So if i write a novel that takes place during a time of racial segregation and include a lynching scene would that be
"forcing a black charcter into hard times"?

mrbojingles1184d ago

I dunno, I expect to see skin on a beach. In a warzone? Just sayin'.

Nyxus1184d ago

And Liquid Snake was walking around with a bare chest in Alaska. It's Metal Gear.

JohnathanACE1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )


In Metal Gear Solid 2 you play as a naked man doing cartwheels. I don't expect to see that in an underwater fortress but there is is.

Dirtnapstor1183d ago

I'm not knocking Quiet's outfit, she looks great! But in a warzone, yes I agree, you'd think one would be a bit more concerned about exposure.
However, Kojima eluded to the lack of clothing having to do with her ability to cloak, some sort of invisibility factor. Looking forward to the mystery...

CyrusLemont1183d ago

Disgusting. We should censor creativity.

WeAreLegion1183d ago

You have to babysit these guys. They don't get the joke unless you put "/s" at the end.

RJ920091183d ago

Why is it a big deal when girls dress like this in real life. See girls all the time in short shorts and a sports Bra on just running down the street hell I can walk in Walmart and see some girl I wish I did not see more off. I just don't understand people some times..

SaveFerris1183d ago

Didn't Stephanie and/or Kojima state that there is a reason for her outfit?

Nyxus1183d ago

Multiple times, but that doesn't matter when people have already made up their minds.