Let’s Be Honest, Last Gen Didn’t Start Out Great Either

A friendly reminder that last gen had some bad games at first too, but if that got better, then so can this one.

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kalkano1187d ago

Last gen didn't END great either. I've been growing more and more disconnected with gaming since the end of the PS2 era. It's been constantly downhill.

breakpad1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

i agree ..but somehow BBorne reminded me old PS2 era (lot of content, not boring, immersive theme, great visuals,perfected in alot of things,complete story (no DLCcrap) is long time since we saw a complete quality product ..(last time for me was MGS4+MGO (ok and Demons Souls) ...even the Uncharted series (+TLoUS) didnt impress me...

WilliamUsher1187d ago

I have to admit that Bloodborne, while not my cup of tea, actually hearkens back to the days when games launched complete. No ridiculous season pass schemes, no DLC locked away on the disc, none of that BS. It was just a complete game.

Last gen and this gen are really ruining gaming with all these anti-consumer measures and a reliance on DLC to nickel and dime gamers.

The indie and mid-budget games are the ones I've found most decent, but for some reason mid-budget games are a rarity unless they're crowd-funded.

ChiliPants1187d ago

if you don't get impressed with tLoUs then no one will please you

UnHoly_One1186d ago

I love lots of games but I thought TLOU was a terrible game, but with a good story.

Not everyone likes the same things.


Every first party Nintendo game is a complete product, and a lot more fun then the flood of boring shooters on ps4/xb1

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thehobbyist1186d ago

Don't forget it was fully functional without the day one patch

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joel_c171187d ago

Because the last of us was a horrible end to last gen

Xof1187d ago

I can only assume you haven't been paying attention.

The last five or six years of been a godsend: The hegemony of AAAs is over; independent developers are quickly becoming more and more of a force to be reckoned with; crowdfunding is allowing for greater development transparency and the rebirth of entire genres that died out years ago; some developers are actively fighting back against obscene monetization schemes; developer blogs and twitter accounts of led to an unprecedented level of communication between developers and gamers; services like GOG have risen to preserve the enormous legacy of older games; and Nintendo is finally beginning to enter the 21st century.

So while, yeah, you could say that the gaming industry is at the lowest point its ever been... you could also say it's at the highest point its ever been. For every company perpetrating horrendous, anti-consumer abuses... there's another company doing something fantastically pro-consumer.

Hell, just a day or two ago Larian announced a massive update for DOS--an "enhanced edition" that re-works all of the combat encounters in the game, adds a ton of new areas and sidequests, gamepad support, and a rewritten story (including a new endiing)... and is giving it away for free.

edqe1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Sounds like you are talking about PC gaming. Things are much better there. All games still available from 30 years back, emulators to play console games, etc.

Many genres are still doing strong RTS, strategy, 4X, simulation and many others. The genres that has been a bit less active has made comeback: cRPG, point-and-click adventures, etc.

AAA games are a bit mess. They are designed for consoles and PC is clearly not the main target - it shows and feels.

SilentNegotiator1186d ago

"Sounds like you are talking about PC gaming"

Ummm, nope. Sounds like he's talking about gaming in general.


I wouldn't say "constantly downhill", but certainly a strong downward trend, there have been a handful of bright spots here and there.

ABizzel11186d ago

Last gen didn't start off great because the 360 launched a year early with nothing good to play.

But 2006 when the PS3 and WIi launched there were some decent games.

Zelda Twilight Princess (although cross platform), Gears of War, Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Resistance. Wii Sports.

And the following year there were a lot of great games like Mass Effect, Halo 3, Bioshock, Uncharted, Ratchet Motorstorm, Mario Galaxy, COD: 4, Portal, Crysis, THe Orange Box, Assassin's Creed, and more.

So yeah last-gen did start off well, and better than this gen currently is.

ginsunuva1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Well, if you had a Ps3, last gen was strong all the way, save for the first year.

If you had a 360, you were screwed after 2009.

PCs had the strongest finish last gen, though, since they usually shine most when consoles are old.

hades071186d ago

I had a xbox 360 and didnt feel screwed. Did Microsoft put too much focus on Kinect? Yes. But they also put out a lot of games after 2009 I enjoyed.


Or you are just getting older...
At least that is how it is for me, Games just have to really accomplish a lot now to give me the "wow" factor and enough variety to keep me playing. Im only 26, but I can tell that no game will ever make me feel like Zelda: Ocarina of time, GTA 3, Halo:CE, did, where I could not wait until I got home to play.

garyanderson1186d ago

It's all part of getting older unfortunately. Least it is in my case, hehe.

MonsterChef1186d ago

Yeah I can see that, I'm just about to be 26 and I'm thinking about giving my ps4 to my younger brother for graduation, not because of lack of games just lack of interest for me in gaming in general, which is odd because I like looking at let's play videos on YouTube for who knows why... I just can't see myself sinking in a whole day on game anymore

PoSTedUP1186d ago

im 25 and i can tell you that a lot has changed for me too at this age. if i do game its only once in a while, a quick FPSonline fix with killzone mercs or a $2 PSnow rental once a month for 4 hours where i dont even make it to the second hour etc. i know i still love games bc i still am on n4g almost everyday and i had a blast playing MK at my cousins, i just dont like most of this gen so far and dont see myself getting involved until the likes of MGS or Gran Turismo, if anything.

Orionsangel1186d ago

Every gen has those WOW stand out moments in their life cycle. This current gen has yet to have one of those moments, but after this E3 will see it coming down the road.

WickedLester1186d ago

"Last gen didn't END great either."

You're kidding right? In the year before the new gen started we saw The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, GTA V, Dark Souls 2, Ni No Kuni, etc.

PurpHerbison1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I think it's funny that we think the end of the PS2 era is when everything went downhill. Meanwhile, my Dad thinks everything went downhill when they released the PS1. It HAS to be a getting older thing. Once you aren't the target generation anymore, things start to suck.

MWH1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

this is called aging, welcome aboard :-)

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Concertoine1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

PS3 in first year:
NG: Sigma
COD 4 (revolutionary at the time)
Some good indies

All of these were pretty good games, even if some were ignored.

PS4 in first year:
Drive Club
Cod 12 or whatever lol
Some HD remakes.
Some good indies

While some of these games are good, i still dont think they touch the last gen's launch year. Its funny how the PS3, a console accused of lacking decent games for years (anyone remember "no gaemz"?) still had a better launch year than any of the 8th gen consoles did.

SonyStyled1187d ago

PS3 came out in NA amd Japan in 2006. So some of those titles might have been out over a year

Concertoine1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I know, i live in America and all those titles were out in 2006/2007. You can look them up if you dont believe me :P

Godmars2901187d ago

You forgot the PS3 taking crap in general because "Its harder to program for". That overall features which where common in the PS2 wound up being removed. With some of it sold back as DLC.

deadpoolio3161186d ago

There were ZERO features from the PS2 cut and sold as DLC on PS3. WTF are even talking about get off the drugs....Let me guess you still want to try and cry about BC, even though it was removed from the PS3 due to the emulation only working on about 60% of games if that, after removing it from the PS3s that actually had PS2 guts inside to bring down the price....Oh wait MS cut out emulated BC also, after claiming they wouldn't stop until 100% of original Xbox games were BC

Godmars2901186d ago

Games. Game features. With the HD gaming gen - in general, that's Xbox 360 and PS3 - game features were removed from game series. Game modes where removed from sports games, FPS, even costume and color options were taken out of fighting games, only to be offered again as DLC.

Reading comprehension: You're doing it wrong.

MegaSackman1187d ago

Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead S02, Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age Inquisition, Alien Isolation... you can count those too.

Concertoine1187d ago

Except those are on last gen. I was just talking about current gen games, same with the examples i gave for 7th gen. I will give it to you that this gen has more cross gen titles versus those that came out on both 7th and 6th gens, but that's not much of a bonus for me. I could play LBP 3, TLOU, and Dragon Age on PS3.

Bloodbourne is what finally sold me a PS4.

Shineon1187d ago

I agree with you last gen came out harder than this one just like every gen before gen 8.

awi59511187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

360 had

Condemned criminal origins
Project Gotham
Call of duty 2
Ghost recon advanced warfighter never came to ps3
Perfect dark zero
Burn out takedown
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
Geometry wars.
Fight night

All these games came out in the first 3 months

camel_toad1187d ago

Every time I see someone mention Condemned it makes me want a new sequel. Awesome series.

Concertoine1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

360 also beats the Xbone's first year by a country mile. Yet we'll still have all these people defending for one reason or another saying every gen has a slow start, that it's normal for a console to still have such a lacking line up 18 months in :l

just for the record:
Wii's first year

Super Mario Galaxy
Super Paper Mario
Twilight Princess
Battalion Wars
Excite Truck
Metroid Prime 3
Zack and Wiki

Those are just off the top of my head, still beats the Wii U's first year.

camel_toad1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

You left out Heavenly Sword - despite the general hate for the dev thx to dmc that was a really good game at the time.

Ciporta19801186d ago

Cod 4 wasn't in the first year vid 3 was ps3's first cod and it was pretty bad.

Concertoine1186d ago

COD 4 came out november 5, 2007.
Less than one year after the launch of the PS3.

ginsunuva1186d ago

Four of those Ps3 games are some of my absolute favorites of all time.

Zero of the Ps4 ones are.

reallyNow1186d ago

Folklore was fantastic.

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Sir_Simba1187d ago

People will always remeber things diffently from what they were, this gen has maybe not been so impressive because we've seen better or similar, but younger guys are just experiencing this for the first time, so they take a bit too seriously, I took my ps2 and ps1 super serial.
Now I just game, have sex, make money (work), poop, get pissed at life and then be happy..... yhh you know the usual

adaminoregon1187d ago

Its been a slowwww start but it looks like things will finally pick up. By late 2016 we should have 10 or 11 good games to play.

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