Xbox E3 2015 Predictions

With E3 2015 taking place in only a month, it's time to talk predictions for what will be announced at the show. Today GVN will be talking about Microsoft, what is the Xbox Team up to this year?

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ThichQuangDuck1151d ago

Had to choose between PS4 and Xbox went with PS4 simply due to where friends are :(. Will get an Xbox One soon probably the gears of war edition. Excited to see E3. We are all eating this year

MrSec841151d ago

I'm still waiting for Microsoft to sell me on the Xbox One, hopefully Crackdown and Scalebound will be finally shown off at their conference with proper gameplay.
Right now I can say that there's games I'd buy if I had an XB1, but there's nothing that makes me need or even want to buy an XB1.

I have played Halo SP, Gears (1-3), no doubt the new Halo and Gears will be cool, but I just can't get that excited for those games now, even though I think the last ones I played we fun.

MS needs to branch out with some less US focused games, also start getting behind more indies or competent, but less well know 2nd or 3rd party partners to broaden their focus.

I think MS, Sony and Nintendo will all have great showings this year, but I feel Sony and Nintendo will have the more exciting surprises, based on the developers track records and the details that we've been told about what their devs could be working on.

Guerrilla Games in particular and their new IP sound absolutely amazing, judging by the developers that have been hired by them like Fallout NV writer and staff from CD Project Red.
Then there's Bend's rumored new horror OW game, that supposedly takes inspiration from TLOU for it's survival horror gameplay.

Nintendo has the potential for a new Metroid, Starfox should be great too see and since the Garage thing and Splatoon coming out of that I think we'll probably be seeing some interesting new IPs from that Nintendo initiative.

E3 should be great this year though.
So many developers released games 2-3+ years ago, that haven't announced anything new in that time, so projects have to be reaching a state where they can finally be shown off.

Great time to be a gamer IMO!!!!

ThichQuangDuck1151d ago

Great time to be a gamer for both sides. Although I don't know what you mean by less western focus by Xbox since that has kind have been their specialty/differentiating factor.

Crackdown and Scalebound will assuredly be there in some form. As well as Quantum Break

Nintendo who knows hahhaha

MrSec841151d ago

@ThichQuangDuck: I didn't say less western focused, I said that Microsoft were US focused for their library of games, they're not really that focused on any games that are targeted outside of that region.

They tend to rely on 3rd party multiplats for that stuff, rather than trying to make their own titles for that.

lifeisgamesok1151d ago

I think this will be a really good E3 for Microsoft and it'll be the best games lineup they've ever had just like they said

ThichQuangDuck1151d ago

Gears of War Remaster
Gears 4 (2016)
Halo 5
Tomb Raider

Perfect Dark?
Jade Empire?

E3 has possibilities

MrSec841151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

It sounds like it should be a pretty good, gamer focused show, with a lot of new info on the games they announced last year.

There will probably be a few surprises, but largely I think MS's conference will be about the known entities, because those have to be marketed and it seems like MS announced the likes of Crackdown, Scalebound and Phantom Dust way too early, considering we haven't heard anything new about those games since last E3.

I don't know if this will be the best Xbox line-up in history, but it should be pretty good and will look much better than before.
Hopefully MS starts to release some games earlier in the year, as apposed to putting most of them in the fall.

Maybe they'll have some interesting new indies on top of a few new IPs from Twisted Pixel and maybe Rare.
I don't think we'd see Lionhead's new game until Fable Legends releases, so that will probably be
something that can be used next E3.