What We Expect From Sony’s First-Party Studios at E3 2015

With little over three weeks until E3 2015, PlayStation LifeStyle takes a look at what Sony first party studios could bring to the table.

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Brotard1183d ago

I expect "greatness" will we receive it is to be answered! i sure hope so

MrSec841183d ago

Yep, tonnes of stuff is in development.
You just know Sony has a few huge games to announce at E3 for this Fall and loads of stuff for 2016.

The list of potentials is huge.
This E3 should be awesome for Sony!

FarEastOrient1183d ago

This article only talked about 7 studios. There's 21 studios, should've put a guess for the rest.

OB1Biker1182d ago

I would like Sony to show off what they got even if it's CGI like Ms did last year but it seems they want to show new stuff at every event and keep things under wraps.
Hopefully there's no leak like last year 'project Beast' made it seem Sony show underappreciated by many who should have been mind blown by the reveal instead.

Rookie_Monster1183d ago

We will see a couple of new games for 2016-2017 from their first party studio. I don't think any blockbuster AAA will be released this year. Very unfortunate as I am hoping my PS4 will be more busy this holidays.

Blackleg-sanji1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )


In what way is that exciting tho? You had halo and forza last holiday? And you're telling me outta all the ps exclusives releasing from now until December noting interests u

Rookie_Monster1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

My PC is for multiplat. My 2 consoles are for exclusives. Lucky Halo 5, Forza 6, and Tomb Raider are still exclusives I can look forward to this Fall. Advantage of having all the hardware at my disposal.

BitbyDeath1183d ago

Halo and Forza you can expect every year.
Tomb Raider isn't bad though, won't be as good as Until Dawn but still decent.

buttcheeks1183d ago

Lol i can guarantee you they announce at LEAST one triple a game for the holiday

guyman1182d ago

You're only fooling yourself if you think that.

"I don't think any blockbuster AAA will be released this year".
I've seen you troll, you just dont want sony to release any games.

But it's no surprise coming from you. There has not been one exclusive released this year for xbox one, for the reason of packing everything up into october/november to dominate the holidays. This year already, the order 1886 and bloodborne have been released. Persona 5 and until dawn will release this year too and Sony will definitely announce another AAA exclusive to compete with the exclusives annpunced on the xone for end year.

Then there are indies such as alienation, everybody has gone to rapture, rime, etc. which are going to be brilliant but i wont count those because i know you dont count indies as games.

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DillyDilly1183d ago

Wonderbook 2: The Book Of Boredom

Army_of_Darkness1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Wonder book.... The game Sony spent half the time demoing but no one gave a sh*t about and was a total flop... Sony, please don't waste precious E3 time on useless crap like that ever again. Show games that gamers want to see(hopefully more Morpheus this time)

Kingscorpion711183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I believe we will see more games at the PlayStation experience press conference this fall

Germany71183d ago

Let's hope for God of War, Gran Turismo and The Last Guardian. Probably it will show new IPs, Horizon, Until Dawn, Ratchet & Clank, Rime, The Tomorrow Children, Shadow of the Beast, No Man's Sky.
Would be great more details of Wild too.

DigitalRaptor1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Yep. We constantly hear from others that PS4 has a weak first-party.

Well, when their first-party was busy pushing PS3 games in its final big 2 years on the market more than the other 2 guys, it's not surprising that they were stretched thin when it came to PS4. As I've said for years, Sony takes 1-2 years to get the ball rolling on first-party stuff every single generation they've been around in this industry, and yet people are acting like it's a weakness.

I look at games like RiME and they remind me of the way in which Sony trusted in Team Ico in the early PS2 days, and since then have secured 2 classics. I look at The Tomorrow Children, and it reminds me of the inventiveness and wacky creativity of Keita Takahashi's Katamari. I look at WiLD and I look back to when Michel Ancel was creating his new (now classic) IPs in Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil. I look at No Man's Sky and it looks to just be another great unique IP in the history of PlayStation that explores new ground. These are the indies that could break ground - and they are decidedly and rightfully some of Sony's biggest games. AAA is now an uncertain term to me when I think of games. It's about time a AAA publisher gave games like this shoulders to stand on in terms of mass market recognition. If you don't let these great (potentially timeless) ideas flourish, then they get ignored for the sometimes less deserving products.

Horizon is going to be Sony's big AAA reveal at E3.
It's going to paralyse eyeballs.

Bend Studio's open-world horror game could be shown.

Street Fighter V will be there with more character reveals and a playable build.

Gran Turismo will more than likely be there and probably announced as a Morpheus launch game (I hope).

Media Molecule is confirmed to be showing their new game this year. It will probably be E3.

I'm convinced The Last Guardian is coming this year, but how many times have all of us said that? It became a PS4 game around 2012, but I'm convinced this year is the one. Feel free to laugh at me when Andrew House thanks us all for watching and it's left for another year.

Ratchet & Clank Redux will get a world-first demo, and it will look beautiful and play smoothly. Based on all the previous multiplayer Ratchet games, I hope they leave it well alone.

I think Persona 5 will get a small slice of stage presence. This is my most anticipated.

Sony London will have their Morpheus game to show, as well as the rest of the studios working on Morpheus. They have to build hype for this thing, and no place better than E3, less than a year before its release.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. All of Sony's first-party studios have been in development now for long enough to have a project ready to at least show. It's going to be great - perhaps not as packed as some people expect, since they have about 5 shows to attend this year. Oh and the Japanese games are coming, yes they're coming.

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