The Problem With HD Remakes

This generation of gaming has been one big field day of HD remasters hitting us from all corners, but are developers taking gamers for a ride and opting out of making new IPs in favor of HD remakes of formerly successful titles or have consumers been the leading charge in the growing demand for such HD glory?

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crazychris41241183d ago

Would prefer remasters of 5th and 6th gen console games instead of recent games that are only 2 or 3 years old. I mean do we really need remasters of fairly new multiplatform games like Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider and even Dishonored is rumored to get one? Its starting to get ridiculous. Give us classic older games like Burnout 3, Shadow of the Colossus, Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Racing Spyro, Wipeout, Def Jam Vendetta, Jaws Unleashed, Twisted Metal, and much more. Since I had only Playstation consoles in the 5th and 6th gen I cant speak for great games for the other consoles and PC.

If you're gonna do remasters for major franchises at least give us a collection. I dont want a single game from the trilogy, I want the whole damn thing. Im looking at you God and Gears of War. Also remasters should be done by smaller companies instead of the top dev teams. For example I don't want Naughty Dog having to dedicate some resources for an Uncharted remastered collection when it should be focusing all of it attention on UC4.

jv19911182d ago

Dont give us freaking remakes give us new games or sequals. If you want to play the old games then buy the old consoles to play them on!!!