Can AMD Make Gaming CPUs A Two-Horse Race Again?


"The roulette wheel of rumours that is PC hardware news is usually pretty pointless, unless bun fights over shader specs or clock speeds are your bag. But, occasionally, something really significant for the future moves into view. This is one of those times. AMD has been talking about its upcoming PC products and technologies in the last week or two, including a completely new CPU core and some fancy memory technology that might dramatically change the way we all think about integrated graphics and gaming. Is Intel’s stranglehold about to be loosened?"

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crazychris41241101d ago

I hope so, we need the competition.

lelo2play1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

I agree. We need better competition from AMD in the CPU and GPU market.

ABizzel11100d ago

Yes and No.

The current FX series are IMO the best entry level CPUS for a gaming PC simply because they're priced better than anything, and they offer more than good enough performance.

They can be a slight bottleneck, because of their single core performance, but with a cooler, and for overclocking, they're very good CPUs at unbeatable prices (FX 8320 especially).

The thing is they're nearly 3 generation behind Intel when it comes to performance, and that's too much to try to come back from, considering INtel could very well have another generation or two invested in R&D right now.

What AMD has to do is focus on bettering their own product and not beating Intel.

They need to significantly improve their single core performance by nearly 100% to be in range with whatever Intel brings out next, because currently they need a 50% increase in single core performance just to be neck and neck with the Intel 4000 series (we already know the 5000 series has been ready to go).

So if AMD can get their single core performance up, while not increasing their TDP and heat, and maintaining competitive price ($199 for a FX 8320 with the increase single core), then they have a winner on their hands and the perfect CPU to put into the next set of consoles as well.

GreetingsfromCanada1101d ago

They can try, but fact is TSMC and Global Foundries can't provide the same size node as Intel and AMD is very much short on cash for R&D.

dcbronco1101d ago

Actually Canada that is no longer true. Next year AMD drops down to 14nm. They signed a deal with Samsung for the tech. So they will be on even footing with Intel on that. Unless Intel pushes to 12 or 10. But the die shrink and new architecture should make for a brand new game.

GreetingsfromCanada1101d ago

Lol, in fact Intel is going to release 10nm cannonlake next year, probably a couple months after AMD releases the 14nm Zen. Also Globalfoundries is making the chips. They have a research and tech sharing agreement with Samsung.

dcbronco1101d ago

Oookay. So they are moving to 10. But haven't reports been coming out that they are only seeing a ten percent gain on their new chips. AMD will get more than that just by going to 14. Add the rumors that Zen itself is a big upgrade and there's a very good chance they will compete well against Intel. Plus if VISC is really what has been claimed AMD moves ahead because they are one of the main investors in the company the developed that architecture.

ABBAJESUS1101d ago

Nvidia is going to use 16nm chip for next cards and AMD 14nm. TSMC vs Samsung, the race is on!

Agent_hitman1101d ago

I believe it can, AMD made a great decision for making APU all in one processors for gamers that is capable of running games at decent performance. I'm all for this

Pathogenic1101d ago

I agree with your opinion. As I always supported AMD, I hope they can bounce back and become a rival again. Unfortunately I don''the see it happening anytime soon. I think AMD is at a point where they're comfortable and that's a good thing. They just need to do they're own thing and stick to it.

Anyways I will always support them regardless of other products.

Dabigsiebowski1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

A lot of Intel fanboys have sprung up since the launch of Sandy Bridge, forgetting that AMD used to kick the crap out of Intel prior years before it. During that time Intel was playing a shady game developing purposely broken compilers that would be garbage on anything but an intel cpu thus forcing many developers to switch to intel, it was based off lies and deceit. They screwed AMD and really they screwed the general public as well. A lot of people are foolish and think Intel is all mighty but really they got there by screwing everyone else over and buying out many other semiconductors for exclusive tech rights regarding cpu's.

AMD has always been about honesty and sadly it's what also contributed to their downfall. I have high hopes for this new chip and I hope it cripples the foolish arguments Intel fanboys have been touting for the last few years.

It's almost like AMD vs Nvidia. Nvidia purposefully partners with certain devs (looking at you project cars, witcher 3) to have an advantage with better features and performance with there cards unfairly. Did you guys know that AMD wrote drivers designed to give there cards a boost with hairworks and physX? They did it because it good business for them and it's even better for the gamer but you would be a fool to think Nvidia would do the same. Just look at mantle even though DX12 will be the next big thing, they were there to increase performance because no one else was willing to deliver a truly next gen API until Microsoft got back involved (and rightfully so).

AMD is an amazing company that has stood strong for their consumers and have been constantly screwed over year after year from dirty players in the industry. I really hope they do bounce back and serve these other companies asses on a platter.

Maxor1101d ago

It all comes down to this. When I spend $500+ on a GPU I need know that there are developer support for all it's fancy features. For example, Mantle was supposed to be AMD's killer app. Now quick, how many Mantle games are there?


Nvidia is running their GPU business like it's a console. They're directly assisting developers, they're making sure that key releases supports their brand, and they stay ahead of every new release with prelaunch driver updates. AMD needs to do a much better job at all of the above. Gaming isn't all about the hardware and the race to the bottom price point. It's also about software and support.

dcbronco1100d ago

AMD isn't in a position to do all of the things you want. They are spending their money on advancing their technology right now. Once they start getting more design wins they will be better able to assist developers and OEMs. But as their custom business builds developers will become more familiar with their designs. Controlling the console market will be a big help. Mantle pushing API design was a help. I don't think Mantle was meant to be an ongoing project. I believe it was a catalyst to get software moving in a direction that fit AMD design better. HSA should become more important with the new APIs. The higher the HSA goes the higher the APU goes. That will lead to design wins for AMD chips in the fastest growing market. Tablets. Zen will make AMD more competitive on PC. And HSA and 14-10nm dies will give them wins in phones. Especially with their ARM chips. And eventually with x86. If they really are developing some kind of stacked high bandwidth design for their APUs they are then a player on every level and will have the cash flow to push NVIDIA and Intel.

sorceror1711100d ago

As I understand it, Vulkan (the successor to OpenGL) borrows heavily from Mantle. So while there aren't Mantle games *yet*, there effectively will be, probably sometime next year.

And the simpler drivers for Vulkan will help AMD out tremendously, too. I'm actually hoping they get their Linux support in order.