Of Course 'The Witcher 3' Was Downgraded. Who Cares?

Dave Thier writes:

"The Witcher 3 is out, and the general consensus is that it’s a damn good game. CD Projekt Red’s open-world romp is well-made, with some excellent gameplay, a vast world and a staggering amount of character: I’ve had two parts to my review so far, and look for the third later today. But there’s trouble brewing, and it’s the most annoying kind of trouble. Fans have been complaining that The Witcher 3′s graphics were downgraded since the game’s first reveal at E3, showing up in forum posts, reddit and elsewhere. We were mislead, they’re saying."

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medman1156d ago

I find it hilarious how so many gamers claim graphics don't matter, then a game they're highly anticipating comes out and they feel cheated because it doesn't look pretty enough compared to what they've previously seen in trailers. Typical.