E3: The best games on show

BBC News writes:

"E3 has shut its doors for another 12 months and it is time to reflect on what was shown and which games emerged as best in show.

A few years ago at E3 publishers were able to match their ambitions for specific games by building ever bigger and more elaborate stands.

But now the show is much more reserved and journalists have more of a chance to play games, meet the developers and get a real sense of what titles will impress.

Gears of War 2, for the Xbox 360, was only available as a sneak peek multiplayer session, and everyone who tried it came away impressed.

The central characters Marcus and Dominic are back fighting the Locust horde, and guess what - this time it is personal.

For developers Epic the question will be whether the graphic dazzle of the first game can be surpassed with the sequel.

Lead designer Cliff Bleszinski told BBC News: "The expectations are really, really high with the sequel. We fully intend on delivering, by delivering a game and ratcheting it all up to 11.

"We have a better story this time around and a far more robust online experience."

He promises more weapons, a better story line and a longer experience playing the campaign mode.

Do not expect Gears of War 2 to make too many changes to the gun and run formula, however."

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