The Witcher 3 Already Has Some Useful Mods

The Witcher 3 is, for the most part, a stunning experience, but you can’t please everybody. That’s what mods are for.

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Maxor1156d ago

A PC game with useful don't say. Whats next, it's possible to hit 60 fps too?

Perjoss1156d ago

Very easy to hit 60fps if you have the right kit.

Takwin1156d ago

I'm playing at 1600p on Ultra everything with a 290x with not a hint of stutter or anything. I just want more draw distance, ZERO pop-in, and a bit better shadows and crispness.

FastRedPonyCar1156d ago

Edit the config file in your my documents witcher 3 folder.

WizzroSupreme1156d ago

I just want a mod where every dragon's Randy Savage.