'The Witcher 3' Has A Serious Foliage Problem


"That the new Witcher 3 has a massive open-world, even 30 percent bigger than that in Skyrim, is old news. The latest news is that it comes with plenty of options than just hunting down monsters and creatures, collecting loot and exploring villages."

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pyroxxx1181d ago

writer has a brain problem

hay1181d ago

True. It's not a foliage problem, it's a soundtrack issue! With this track on those are the best trees in a game ever.

Aenea1181d ago

Nah, it's a what haven't you been smoking problem? When high it looks best! :D

traumadisaster1181d ago

I've actually noticed this in many games, call it the uncanny valley trees. The tree movement is just off and I know it immediately.

Not sure if it has to do with how much time you hike as I'm outside a lot, but it's just something that sticks out to me and the author.

jb2271181d ago

I'm just glad I'm not crazy…I thought the same thing. It's not the foliage that's the issue, its the physics of the wind, where huge sturdy trees are affecting in the same way that small thin bushes are. The larger trees & certain varieties of trees should have no movement whatsoever. It seems like a nitpick but it was distracting for me too. Either nail the physics correctly or leave them out, this is the Tomb Raider tressfx deal all over again, why shoehorn in elements that are off? it just makes your beautiful landscape that little bit uglier.

WizzroSupreme1181d ago

It sure does, but that doesn't mean it compromises much of the experience in the face of such a powerful story and an outrageously immersive world.

DawginTow11181d ago

That's just it, immersion IS broken, when everywhere you look the trunks themselves are buffeted & shaking/swaying violently.

When was the last time any1 saw Trunks sway to that extent outside of gale-force winds/Tropical Storm?

SeanScythe1181d ago

OMG the Trees! They move unlike real trees! What ever will we dooooooo???? Wait so the way the wind blows the trees is your complaint?
How about the way Geralt rolls with two massive swords on his back?
How about how the way his horse magically appears even though you left it miles away on the other side of a river?
How about the fact your horse can't swim?
How about the way your character takes constant hits and attacks but doesn't need to seek medical attention just some water and food?
It's a game!

Mr-Dude1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

How about Geralt awesome hair ALWAYS moves through the wind... Even inside?

psplova1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

@seanscythe. ROFL! Had me rollin! ...on the floor. Laughing.

NiteX1181d ago

It looks like they are all having seizures.


It looks fine! You could NOT have the density of foliage this game has and Open world and have trees that look as good Crysis or Far Cry.

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The story is too old to be commented.