Preview: PS Vita at E3 2015

E3 2015 is less than 4 weeks away so it's just the right time for some PS Vita-related predictions and speculations.

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luis_spartano1155d ago

Can we have a preview about something that is dead?

8BitBang1155d ago

I really hope the west gets those nice 64gb vita cards

Eidolon1155d ago

So you can spend $100? They seriously need to cut the prices.

sparced1155d ago

I've had a 64GB vita card for a couple of months in the UK.

Bought from

Snipurr1155d ago

I've had a 64 gb card for well over a year. Paid $100 but has been worth it with ps plus games already. I

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ss4gogeta0691155d ago

Maybe Sony will decide that the Vita actually needs some attention and hook us up!

danny8181155d ago

ummm will Sony actually introduce a true successor? will 3rd parties actually invest in Vita? Will Sony invest in Vita? Will Memory cards or the vita itself drop in price? Find out on next weeks episode of Dragon Ball z.....

KryptoniteTail1155d ago

I think we will get a new PS vita model this year. It only has two, but there's 5 different versions of 3DS. Yeah it's more successful but Vita didn't do as bad as people think. It warranted a second model and will squeeze out one more eventually.

Price drop on Vita and accessories must happen, and some better marketing and AAA 1st Party for the holiday season. I see it happening.

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The story is too old to be commented.