The Opening Scene of Witcher 3 Has The Most Butt I’ve Ever Seen In A Video Game

Marcy Cook writes:

"At long last the oft-delayed, sprawling, 100-plus-hour epic role playing game from CD Projekt, The Witcher 3, is out. It’s a free-roaming, open world game where you can do the main storyline, or faff about doing things like picking flowers like I did in Skyrim, or collecting junk like in Fallout 3, or different ores in Dragon Age: Inquisition. You get the idea; I waste a lot of time in these games doing side quests and collecting things. Which is both good and bad; I certainly get my money’s worth out of open RPGs, but it can take me a while to complete them."

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PANDAB1182d ago

I like Witcher butts and I cannot lie....
...You other Witchers can't deny

Letthewookiewin1182d ago

Mmmmmm.... Miranda Lawson butt..... Can't lie there were some camera fanaggaling moments I'm not proud about.

Revolt131182d ago

This game does have "bang" for your buck

WizzroSupreme1182d ago

Then you clearly haven't played Lollipop Chainsaw or Saints Row 3-4.

Hold_It1179d ago

It's a very mature game. Not mature in the sense of shock value or trying to get you to buy it like COD, but the game is made for an older audience.