Konami has not killed the Kojima tree … yet

Kojima left something behind when he left Konami — and it’s still alive. For now.

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ColManischewitz1098d ago

Let's hope Konami keeps this tree in better health than it has P.T.

Crimzon1098d ago

Waiting for Konami's lawyers to demand that Kojima's name be removed from all references to said tree and that people only refer to it as "a tree" or "the tree" instead.

ThanatosDMC1098d ago

They'll somehow burn the tree and salt the earth, and then make a kill a tree simulator mobile game.

Captain_Wormy1098d ago

$50 Konami will take that tree down.

Blacklash931098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Ha, funny.

But seriously, it'd be stupid to cut down a tree over the issue. They'd most likely just take his name off it again. :P

DragonKnight1098d ago

Now that this article has been written, that tree is done for.

Kingdomcome2471098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Lol. My thoughts exactly. The tree's presence quite possibly slipped Konami's mind, and now that it's been brought to light, I fully expect it to be swiftly removed. It's roots will be fully removed to guarantee that it's fully eradicated.

ArnoDorian1098d ago

if konami takes down that tree, there destroying nature to, i guess will wait for PETA knock on their doors

hells_supernova1098d ago

Peta are for animals not trees also they are crazy lunatics

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The story is too old to be commented.