GWN Preview: Chrono Trigger

GWN reports:

''Unlike the full-blown 3D remake treatment that Square-Enix has been giving the Final Fantasy series on the DS, Chrono Trigger is for the most part completely unchanged. There are rumors circulating of a new translation, but the build on the E3 show floor featured the original dialogue with only a few minor changes. Although you can now enter names longer than five characters, worry not - the main character's name is still named Crono, not the more logical "Chrono".

The graphics have also not been altered, but despite being thirteen years old they look anything but outdated. In fact, they look better than ever: between the crispness of the DS's two screens and their small physical size, the game looks far better on the DS than the original SNES title does on my TV.

Given that the game featured some of the best spritework on the Super NES, it comes as no surprise that no updating was required to make the DS version look utterly gorgeous. Other than perhaps a few more frames of animation or updated 3D spell effects, I really couldn't ask for anything more from Chrono Trigger's visuals. The animated cut scenes from the Playstation release of the game were absent from the build I played, but I am told that they will be included in the final release.''

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