Why I Said Goodbye To My Nintendo Consoles

Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"I'll be the first one to say that I love Nintendo's IPs. Mario, Bowser, Link, and all of the other great characters have brought me countless hours of fun over my gaming life. With that said though, something has felt off this generation of consoles and it has led me to sell both my Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. Let's jump and take a look as to why I came to that conclusion."

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DryBoneKoopa851182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Story quality: WTF

Like this website: NO!

Sorry, I have seen many articles get dropped rapidly quick for either called CLICKBAIT or TROLLING when it comes to PlayStation or Xbox. I don't see why this article is any different. N4G needs to treat its community fairly and not condone any articles that are out right bashing another's console of choice.

This would be no different if I went into an article and started saying how I chose Nintendo over Sony or Microsoft. I would get flagged for trolling and my comment would be removed.

NinjaRichParty1182d ago

Alright boss. Take a breather. ;)

eyeofcore1182d ago

If you sold Wii U now then you'l regret it after E3.

NinjaRichParty1182d ago

@eyeforce then so be it. Fine wth me. I just don't play it more than once a month. Rather sell it to someone who will get more joy out of it than I will. Plus being an adult with bills, having something that I can sell for a few hundred bucks is always nice to help with bills.

I'm honestly not trolling. Just speaking from my honest point of view. I like Nintendo and its IPs. It's just that right now I'm not compelled to play their games on a consistent basis.

shaw981181d ago

Then what are you trying to convince? Other people not enjoy Nintendo consoles? Just because you don't enjoy the style of Nintendo and the value they have does not mean you have to try to lower the value for others. I don't make vids saying why I got rid of my ps4 simply because I don't like the games they are releasing. I understand others do. Your video is a click bait troll attempt.

johndoe112111181d ago


"I’ll be the first one to say that I love Nintendo’s IPs. Mario, Bowser, Link, and all of the other great characters have brought me countless hours of fun over my gaming life."

"Like I said before, I really enjoy Nintendo and am thankful to the folks there for the games they have created for us. The big games this generation, at least for the Wii U, were obviously Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros."

"I really do enjoy their titles"

All these are statements made in the article, how is he lowering the value? He is stating these things as how he personally feels about them, it is not a broad statement. If he said that the wii-u and 3ds are crap and that there are no good games for them THEN I would agree with you, but he is strictly talking about his personal opinions and how the games impacted him personally. He never stated that everyone should feel the same way.

PigPen1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

You should of just done what you set out to do and have hold your piece. What if I told you I'm a rare breed and honestly have never owned a Sony console in my life. You'll be like "you could of kept that to yourself" right? Why did you and I felt the need to share that?

Monster_Tard1181d ago

That's your choice, although seems a little pointless to make a short 3 minute video and submit it on a gaming news site, just to say "Hey, sold my Wii U".

Theyellowflash301181d ago


If you were worried about bills you should have never bought the system in the first place. Are you serious? A couple hundred you got from selling it will be spent in a matter of days.

Should have just held on to them and cut spending in other areas to save more money, or have more money for bills.

But its your deal, I just find it funny you have to make a video on it as if its an important issue. Its your opinion, but it is clickbait that is popular on sites like N4G.

wonderfulmonkeyman1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Dude, if you wanted to sell off your Wii U and 3DS, that's fine.
It's your personal decision.
As is telling your buddies your reasons why, or turning it into a private little blog post, which is where little opinions like this belong most and fit best.
But when you make a front page public article about it on a major gaming news site, listing the supposed negatives, while off-handedly mentioning how you still like the IP's as if it wasn't really a factor, that's the point where you're not doing it just to state your thoughts in a neutral way.

When you come out and make an article showing off your decision to abandon a console, and plaster it up on the front page of a gaming news site, that's the point where you're fishing for negative reactions from the fanbase, no matter how much you claim to love the IP's.
It's not as far removed from trolling, in the eyes of the community, as you think. Especially when there are a lot of really good games on the system outside of main line Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games.

Again, it's your decision as to what you game on, but making an article about it was taking things too far.

Highlife1181d ago

The article is labeled as opinion. There are no problems with it. You Nintendo fans freak out over everything relax. I haven't played my wiiu in half a year my kids hardly play the thing either. Should that matter to you no does it make you enjoy your wiiu less no. He stated his opinion I stated mine you can disagree with it but it still has the right to be said. Just like you saying you enjoy it.

mikeslemonade1181d ago

He's correct, there's no games on the WiiU that keep you playing everyday. Sure if you are hecka good at MK or Supersmash, but if you're not good and you try to play those games everyday you will end up losing.

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Emilio_Estevez1181d ago

I'd respectfully disagree with every part of that. Rarely do articles get failed for that reason. Obviously it does happen, but don't make it sound like this is an all the time thing. And even when they do get failed it's because they are actually flaimbait and the community generally steers us to that decision.

I watched this and there is nothing like that. It's a guy saying he doesn't play them so he's selling them. I don't really see the offense people seem to be taking. He wasn't disrespectful or really derogatory in any way, just stated his opinion. Newsworthy? Idk, not really to me, but lots of people approve lots of things I'm not interested in, doesn't mean others think the same.

*This would be no different if I went into an article and started saying how I chose Nintendo over Sony or Microsoft.*
That's not trolling without some sort of clarification on where you write it..... It's perfectly fine to say that in an appropriate thread (like any VS article).

my 2c

I'm not going to intervene, you guys can figure it out. And that's usually how these types go.

MasterCornholio1181d ago

Well yeah I pretty much agree with you. I just watched the video and I dont find it offensive at all. He's just stating his opinion on the system and why he's getting rid of it. I honestly don't see anything wrong with that as long as it respects people who do like the system.

People really shouldn't take this so seriously. Just because the author has an opinion thats different than your doesn't mean you have the right to kill him for it.

Eonjay1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

In the very beginning of the video, he states that he is not trying to bash Nintendo. It is... his decision and he is sharing his reasons why. It is correctly labeled as an opinion.

johndoe112111181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Did you even read the bloody article? You're completely loosing your $h!t over nothing. I've never seen any article get dropped for anything similar to what this guy wrote. There is nothing trollish about the article. In fact he spent most of it saying he loved and really appreciates nintendo, it's just that they don't have enough games that hold his interest. You're going crazy and he's actually sort of right.

The Wii-u spent its first two years as a barren wasteland, exclusives were mediocre and third party games were almost nonexistent. The wii-u, whether you want to admit it or not, is a commercial failure, the good games were just too little too late. How do two rival systems get released over a year later and pass the wii-u's sales in less than a year? Not because you like something means you blind yourself to its reality.

Nobody gets marked for trolling just for saying they choose one system over another, however, if you go to a specific console's article talking about that console's games and features and start bashing the console and talking about how your preferred console is the best in everything, THEN you MAY stand a chance in getting marked.

You're acting overly emotional about this article, you seriously need to calm down.

Blaze9291181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

I honestly stopped messing with Nintendo after the Gameboy was no more. The Gameboy Advanced was where it ended for me - can't say i really been missing anything either.

I dunno what Nintendo has to do to get my interest back to be honest. Maybe nothing - and my interest will never come back.

hardcorehippiez1181d ago

yea gameboy for me as well but i was typically more of a sega fan. too childish of themed games mostly even back then where as other systems seemd to be growing with me and i liked that. saying that my kids play nintendo .

Nevers0ft1181d ago

The guy is entitled to his opinion. My problem is that it's an obvious opinion piece on a news aggregation site - it doesn't belong on N4G (but there's countless articles on here like that).

Lord_Sloth1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

I like how instead of commenting on the points he did or did not make (I didn't watch the video so I dunno how he tried to justify it) you turn it into a Sony and Microsoft comment.

OCEANGROWNKUSH1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

"Why i said goodbye to my Nintendo consoles"

Because you hate fun? Because you hate complete finished games that don't require day one patches and force you to buy the other half of the game via a fucking season pass?

Magicite1181d ago

Never had Nintendo system and never felt need for it.

Xer0_SiN1181d ago

only now? i said that after the snes. granted, i did buy nintendo machines after that, but it was for the kids; its a good toy for the kiddies.

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GamingChip791182d ago

Wow. The fan boys really come out in full force when Nintendo is criticized. The guy is simply saying he can't justify keeping his Wii U and 3DS around and wants to see them put into a home that will play them more than he does.

Jeez people. Take a step back a relax. It's his own opinion, not clickbait or trolling. Give it up.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1181d ago

It's always been that way they can't take the slightest criticism or they have a riot. (i own a wii u btw)

mcstorm1181d ago

Yeah I get what this guy is saying and its the same reason I got read of my PSV and 3DS and not picked a PS4 up yet. I don't have the time I once had to game and the WiiU and Xbox one have more than enough games I want to play and NHL Manager on my surface pro 3 for out and about.

Concertoine1181d ago

Exactly. Not every console is for everyone. The Wii U and PSV for example have very niche libraries, and their sales reflect that.

johndoe112111181d ago

Do you know what a "niche" library means?

Concertoine1181d ago

Niche- a specialized corner of the market that makes meager returns

The Vita's support is primarily Japanese. Games like Ys sell very poorly but make enough to warrant sequels. Those are niche games on a niche platform, especially in America where i believe the Vita still hasnt sold 2 million.

The Wii U is more arguable since its first party content sells well, but with games like Bayonetta, TW101, Fatal Frame and Xenoblade which appeal to a small but dedicated group, it can be argued the Wii U is also a niche platform with niche games.

Agent_00_Revan1181d ago

Nintendo fans have always been the most butthurt. I used to be one of them up until the Gamecube released, then I made the switch.


and this topic is newsworthy how?

it isnt.

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Hoffmann1181d ago

Come on..Opinions should really not get censored, even if they are unpopular.

Hoffmann1181d ago

Edit, glad the last approval votes were finally given.

MilkMan1181d ago

Your loss boss. I play my WiiU on a reg.
Right up there with PS4, its my Xbone that's collecting phat dust.
But that's just in my crib.
Cant speak for every one.
Nice opinion piece though.

PigPen1181d ago

Better him then me. Lol