AMD says Nvidia’s GameWorks “completely sabotaged” Witcher 3 performance

There was a war of words earlier this week as the Internet decided that, once again, Nvidia's GameWorks technology was messing with the performance of its games on AMD hardware.

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chaldo1156d ago

They say this about every game.. Starting to think it's AMD now.

Ezz20131156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

i have to agree
i'm a AMD user
but seeing as they complain every time a game comes out
and how they take for ever to release a new update for ATI cards which do little to nothing
and since this damn gen they never bother trying to fix the problems AMD users face with every game

i'm really looking to get a nvidia card in the next few months
it's not nvidia problem that AMD didn't want to use physx tech as well

Lon3wolf1156d ago

I jumped ship just before Xmas last year for those reasons, the product is great but if they spent more time on drivers etc. rather than calling foul every game they could improve a lot.

mikeslemonade1156d ago

NVIDIA drivers messed up my system. My SLI setup doesn't even work right now. And there has never been a first party driver that allows me to SLI. I have to do it with a program called DifferentSLI.

Testfire1156d ago

I'm an AMD user and happy so far but the trend I always see is devs saying AMD doesn't reach out to them while Nvidia does. You can't just make a product and say here you go make it work with your game. When its time for an upgrade I seriously have consider whether or not I'll continue to support AMD.

assdan1156d ago

Nvidia makes it next to impossible to fix these issues because of their policies. Nvidias practices are sketchy at best.

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DevilOgreFish1156d ago

Dx12 can't come soon enough. It may come in handy to own both an AMD and Nvidia GPU, for tressFX and Nvidia features.

slappy5081156d ago

Only a d'hoine can make such an outrageous claim

NiteX1156d ago

Well it's a good thing it's just an option.

NovusTerminus1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Here is the thing, it's not NVidia, they offered a great set of features that devs like to use (myself included) hard to blame them for making a devs job easier, and turning out looking better.

Nio-Nai1156d ago

Except it's pretty well known that Nvidia doesn't share it's code with AMD.

While AMD has shared it's code with both TFX and Mantle to help build DX12.

It's pretty obvious Nvidia is a bunch of Dbags.

assdan1156d ago

Well, maybe and should start doing the same...

SniperControl1156d ago

"Except it's pretty well known that Nvidia doesn't share it's code with AMD"

Look at it from a business perspective, would you?
Nvid are in it to make money, they want to sell there cards to as many people as they can, what's the point of giving your advantage to your main competitor.

Nio-Nai1156d ago

The advantage is to push the tech forward.

That's all that AMD is interested in, they care about pushing the tech. Not limiting it to gain a larger profit.

SniperControl1156d ago

Ahh c'mon, pushing tech forward is a necessity to push business forward, AMD aren't making chips and cards from the fondness of there hearts, there doing it to make money, simple as.

Gwiz1156d ago

AMD doing it to push tech forward?,i can't really agree with that.
Look at the CPU's they produce,one thing they've done is making
a cheap CPU[die]GPU solution(APU),they did increase their GPU
competition but not looking at the whole situation.
AMD once was highly competitive and now they don't want to be
known for the cheaper solution.Okay!what's left?

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Avernus1156d ago

As someone looking to build a gaming PC in the coming months, I just don't know if I want AMD or Nvid.

Battlefield games are better optimized for AMD, but other games are Nvidia. Thoughts about this?

hiredhelp1156d ago

Know your budget on a Video card you wish to spend,Look up the options on the market once you find the 2 brands of cards that suite your pocket Start google looking up benchmarks for such and such VS such and such.

Shinuz1156d ago

Go nvidia for their support through drivers.

Nio-Nai1156d ago

Go with the one in your price range.

Running 3x R9 290 and I get better 4k benches and in game rates than 2x Titan X cards.

They are rated at 28k in 3dmark while mines rated at 36k.

Playing games like GTA 5 on maxed out settings at 3840x2160 above 100fps.

toxic_avengah1156d ago

You would think AMD would be the card to buy since consoles are AMD GPUs. If your on a set budget for your card and you can only spend so much I would get an AMD. If you don't then get a Nvidia.

SniperControl1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Go for Nvid, way better driver support and the cards are fantastic as well.

I have 2 overclocked Asus Strix GTX970's in SLI, simply amazing, cost me £600 for both.

GTA5 runs smoothly at around 60-70fps at 4K on ultra settings, The witcher 3(after update) is around 60fps at 4k, Shadow of Mordor(with ultra grapics pack) is around 70fps at 4K.

Not saying AMD cards are bad, just think Nvid cards are better. Besides, most new games have some sort of Nvid tie in, while it's rare to see a AMD tie in.

jdiggitty1156d ago

I run an AMD R9 290 and have had zero issues with it and the cost is great for the performance.

FunkYellowMonkey1156d ago

In the long term Nvidia for their driver support and well for me was DSR mode, it's great since i don't need to fork out more money for a new monitor! ;)

ElementX1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

I have always avoided AMD. Regardless of benchmarks, I'll chose Intel and NVIDIA over AMD. I started messing with computers in the mid 90s and always thought of AMD as the lower-class, cheaper alternative in regards to processors and GPUs. With processors and video cards I feel that you get what you pay for in most cases. I have read numerous forums about AMD users having various issues with their hardware, not that other companies don't have problems but I dunno I'm just biased against AMD.

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