Why, Why, Why? Racist Ink in Splatoon

Splatoon is coming, and it’s coming fast, and it’s coming wet. It’s all about getting moist and colorful by splattering your team’s color of ink on everything, including the other team. Fortunately there’s a wide variety of colors. But there are SOME colors that are omitted for obvious reasons.

Jason from Nintendo Enthusiast investigates this... and is holding a dollar?!


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mep691182d ago

Cringe thread anyone ?


I love. How every youtuber. Cuts every second. Of downtime. In their videos. So that we. As viewers. Do not need to waste. Any time. Watching. Videos. With. Awkward. Pauses. In. Them. This. Is. Truly. The. Future. Because. Nobody. Has. Any. Patience. Any.more...

contradictory1182d ago

it's. like. we as a whole. are. reaching. Shatner levels of. speech.

i. find that. very. intriquing. and think. we. should go back to. 1979 and. perhaps. become a. movie actor.

1181d ago
dubal-e1182d ago

That last part about mario LOL, kinda made me laugh.

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