Betas We Want From E3

E3 is an exciting time for gamers, we hear about the latest titles progress, we learn of new IPs, and often we are treated to many other bonus delights. Last year we were offered a beta for Battlefield Hardline. If any more Betas were to surface this year, which ones would you want to see?

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Oner1098d ago

Good little list in the article (definitely interested in a few of them) but personally I would love a Gran Turismo 7 beta.

Doogle3001098d ago

Ooh yeah, that would be good. Though if it's anything like GT5, we can expect a 5 year wait with GT7 Prologue and other such demos.

Oner1098d ago

Doubtful as Kaz estimated 2014/2015 and with the Logitech G29 being basically confirmed today to be available in the next few months I really think it will have a presence this E3.