Hellraid has been scrapped and rebooted - and that's definitely for the best

Dealspwn argues that Hellraid's development freeze and full reboot is great news given the circumstances.

Dealspwn: "Following years of delays and development issues, Techland's troubled dark fantasy hack & slasher Hellraid has been completely scrapped pending a complete ground-up rebuild. Originally revealed in 2013 and slated to release the same year, the project was failing to live up to expectations and will now go "back to the drawing board."

It's always a shame when a project gets cancelled, but to be perfect honest, we welcome the news and aren't entirely surprised."

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bggriffiths1185d ago

This wasn't looking great last time we saw it, I'm not convinced a first-person view is the best for a melee-centric title, especially a fantasy style one.

SaveFerris1185d ago

I wonder if they will add parkour?