New Xbox Features Now Available in Preview

Xbox wire:
The Xbox experience across devices is becoming more robust this week as we begin to roll out a host of new features. You’ll notice some old favorites—like avatars—making a comeback, and brand new features—like testing streaming—setting the stage for bigger things to come. Let’s jump in!

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Moldiver1183d ago

Damn...We just got an update the other day. I still aint checked out half those features and now this?

looking forward to eventually getting W10 and a windows phone. I wonder what kind of features the console will a have by xmas?

Kingdomcome2471182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Are you in the preview program? I am, and it tells me that my console last updated on the 9'th, and that it ran the last automatic update check yesterday. I know that they roll the updates out in waves to preview members, so maybe I just wasn't in the first wave.

Edit: Ah. I should've watched the video first. It looks as though this update was pertaining to the Xbox app for the Win10 preview build.

Kryptonite42O1182d ago

I wonder if they will be releasing a new phone with the release of windows 10. I've been debating switching from the iphone to a windows phone when Win10 is released.. I think it would be cool, as my laptop, Xbox One and potentially new phone would all be a part of the same ecosystem. Not so sure about the app store though.. I've been told that the Windows app store kinda lacks in comparison to android and apples?

Immorals1182d ago

Yeah the lack of apps was the only reason I went for an s5 last year, but windows 10 and universal apps should sort that problem out!

mozzie1182d ago

Windows 10 will be able to run iOS and Android apps. As far as I understood the devs just need to import them into visual studio and compile them again. should be interesting.

Volkama1182d ago

The Windows store is definitely lacking compared to Apple and Android at the moment. I can typically find good apps to cover my needs, but I'm not really a heavy phone user.

From what I've seen, Windows 10 phone is very similar to 8.1, but currently horrifically unstable so I couldn't test it in earnest.

holysmokesbatman1182d ago

I have a lumia 635 for business and a 735 for personal use, I love them, would totally recommend the 830 or 735 to anyone, cant wait until devs start importing ios and android apps over.

On topic, I'm loving windows 10, I've even been testing running my business on it, works great!

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LexHazard791182d ago

I have an Upgrade coming in August. Its either the Galaxy Note 4 or waiting to see if we get the new Windows 10 phones. I saw Europe is getting the Lumia 940 that phone looks SICK! Hopefully we get more word on state side release...

Khajiit861182d ago

This article is on the main page twice.

JamesBroski1182d ago

Well, I guess that's cool for Xbox One players, but it won't really attract new players to the console.